More disabled spaces needed at station’s Park’n’ride - Frew

Park'n'ride spaces at a premium - Frew
Park'n'ride spaces at a premium - Frew

The popular park’n’ride facility at Ballymena’s railway station has become a victim of its own success.

In fact, so many people are using the spaces that the overspill is causing problems for people in adjoining streets.

And the volume of motorists seeking to park in the facility has had a particular impact on disabled drivers, says local assemblyman, Paul Frew.

Now he has asked Translink to consider additional disabled parking bays at the station but also to investigate ‘inappropriate use’ of their existing ]spaces .

Mr. Frew said: “It has been brought to my attention by people who use the train on a daily or frequent basis to attend hospital appointments in Belfast that they struggle to get into a disabled parking bay as they are all taken up very early. Translink certainly need to assess if there is the right balance in terms of disabled spaces .

“They also need to investigate if the disabled parking spaces are being used by genuine people as a number of constituents have raised this issue with me.

“They also claim that some people even park in the train station and then walk up to their place of work in the town centre or to go shopping. If this is the case it will have a very detrimental affect on the whole town - not just the passengers trying to use the train or bus.”

He added that numerous complaints had been received from people who live in the Princes street and Waveney areas about parking issues.

“My colleague Reuben Glover and I are dealing with complaints from people who tell us that their streets are now lined with parked cars of people using the train or bus. Whilst they aren’t breaking any laws in this regard it’s obvious they can’t get into the limited Park & Ride and thus it creates difficulties for the residents who find their usual parking spots clogged up.”