Tributes to local music producer Mudd Wallace

Mudd Wallace
Mudd Wallace

The local music scene has lost an iconic figure with the death of producer Mudd Wallace.

The 59-year-old from Randalstown in Co Antrim had worked with artists including Therapy?, Bap Kennedy and The 4 of Us, during his career.

A former pupil of Ballymena Academy, he had been an original member of Ballymena rock band, ‘Southbound Train’.

Ballymena man Eric Woods, another stalwart of the local live music scene, said he had ‘lost a great friend’.

“I first met Mudd Wallace on my very first day at Ballymena Academy. The school’s insistence on seating pupils in alphabetical order thrust us together into what became a lasting friendship. When we were 15 we started our first band which over the next few years evolved into Southbound Train.

“Mudd could be infuriating at times but his understanding of music and attention to detail were major factors in what set us apart and made the band successful. I can still hear the noises of disapproval he made when things weren’t just perfect. That’s the Mudd Wallace I choose to remember. I’ll miss him,” said Eric.

Mudd had suffered from poor health for some time but despite this he retained a hunger for creating and recording music.

Randalstown man Oliver Bones commented: “Mudd was a great guy and through all his health problems he was very upbeat about everything. He had been diabetic all his life and really had a hard time but he ploughed on - and what a life he had.”

Mr Bones said after finishing their recordings “bands, showbands and artists all came back to Mudd’s so you never knew who you would meet!

“He was a bit of a legend and there was no doubt about that. Van Morrison recorded with him too, a song for the Northern Ireland soccer team and many country artists. It is terrible he has gone.”

On Facebook the band ‘More Power To Your Elbow’ posted: “This morning we learn with great sadness of the passing of a our dear friend Shaun (Mudd )Wallace. Mudd, as he was affectionately known, was a legend in the music world. His great musicianship and an uncanny ear for detail earned him a reputation as one of the Uk’s finest record producers. It was in this sphere that “More Power” first encountered the wonderful Mudd. He produced our live album and had such a feel for the band ,their music,their style and their passion that it was no wonder the live album sold as many as a hundred thousand copies. Many a great day, week or even months was spent at the house in Randalstown. He had incredible patience ,and with us that was a special skill needed, but he called the shots.”

The post added: “His thick north Antrim accent will be sadly missed as he ‘gurns’ through the window of the recording studio at you . It’s then you know this guy knows what he ‘s at. The status of a legend is in many cases gained after a person’s passing but not here, He was ‘The living Legend” Shaun Mudd Wallace, the musician, the record producer, the perfectionist ,but above all our dear friend . To his family we extend our heartfelt sympathy. May he rest in peace .”

Ballymena band, ‘The Norwegians’ added: “We are truly sad to hear of Mudd’s passing but his recordings ensure that his memory lives on.”

Daryl Ball said: “He was a great producer, a talented musician and a funny, down to earth guy who will be missed by all who worked with him.”