Trust warns of Giant Hogweed infestion in Six Mile

Members of the Six Mile River Trust removed parts of the Giant Hogweed.
Members of the Six Mile River Trust removed parts of the Giant Hogweed.

Six Mile Water Trust have issued a warning over the dangers of Giant Hogweed that is plaguing the banks of the Six Mile River in Antrim.

The Trust have called on the council to take action and show leadership to address what they are calling a major infestation of the invasive weed in the area.

Giant Hogweed can grow to over six feet tall and contains a sap which irritates skin when it is exposed to sunlight.

Jim Gregg explained that the weed had been growing along an old race trail on the Belmont Road and had started to grow across the path.

When the Trust contacted the council for them to remove it, Jim said that they were told this was not the council’s responsibility.

Jim said: “We have spoken to the council, if it’s not on their land then they will not touch it but in this case it is impacting on council property.

“As a Trust we believe that it is up to the council to take leadership on this. If the weed is not growing on their land then they should be making the land owner take action.

“They need to show leadership and this weed needs to be controlled.”

The Trust took it upon themselves to remove part of the plant that was growing over the path but the weed remains.

A spokesperson for the council said: “Council is aware of the presence of Giant Hogweed and Japanese Knotweed along the path at the Mill Race Trail.

“Council has a programme in place to treat invasive species at its properties, in situ, in line with best practice. This is a process which takes several years.

“In tandem with the management programme Council inspects its properties and signs are erected where new instances of growth of invasive species are identified or notified.”