TUV duo set for May poll

The TUV's Timothy Gaston with party leader Jim Allister.  INBT22-231AC
The TUV's Timothy Gaston with party leader Jim Allister. INBT22-231AC

Traditional Unionist Voice has confirmed that sitting MLA Jim Allister will be joined by Cllr Timothy Gaston, Deputy Mayor of Mid & East Antrim, on the party ticket in North Antrim in the Assembly election on May 5.

Commenting, Jim Allister said: “It has been a delight to serve the people of North Antrim in Stormont. I believe my record will stand scrutiny as I seek a renewal of my mandate. Indeed, because of the growth for support in North Antrim for TUV I am delighted to be joined on the ballot by Timothy Gaston. Timothy has proven himself as a very effective up and coming politician who will greatly enhance the TUV ticket. Together we can deliver even more at Stormont. No one doubts where TUV stands. We tell it as it is: we reject terrorists in government and the system of rigged devolution that keeps them there.

“Our vision is no special places for anyone, but devolution based on voluntary coalition and an effective Opposition.”

Councillor Gaston added: “Serving the people is a privilege, not a chore. With the economic downturn hitting North Antrim hard through the loss of JTI and Michelin, the need for the sort of diligent service which TUV gives is greater than ever.

“TUV doesn’t do halfhearted either in politics or in service. We want to make things better for North Antrim and see it attain the great potential its hardworking people deserve.”