Used needles found in Ballee area

UKIP Councillor Donna Anderson.
UKIP Councillor Donna Anderson.

A local councillor has expressed concerns following the discovery of used needles in the Ballee area.

UKIP Councillor Donna Anderson said she was appalled by the discovery of the items last week.

Cllr. Anderson said that she had been contacted by local residents over the issue and the needles and other drugs paraphernalia were located and disposed of immediately.

“I am deeply concerned at discovering these needles in bushes alongside a busy footpath that is used by children near a local garage,” Cllr. Anderson said.

Describing the actions as a “blatant disregard” for others’ safety, Cllr. Anderson highlighted the many needle exchange points within the town.

“I would appeal for those partaking in drugs to cease with this blatant disregard for the safety of others, and to dispose of needles at the available needle exchange points in Ballymena,” Cllr. Anderson said.

She added: “I have contacted the PSNI after talking to residents at length in the locality and listening to their concerns in relation to this issue.”