VIDEO: Diamond Primary School jumps to ‘Food and Fitness’ challenge!

The Dairy Council for Northern Ireland brought their ‘Food and Fitness’ roadshow to Diamond Primary School.

Food and Fitness is designed to teach children in a fun and engaging way about a healthy diet and active lifestyle including the importance of dairy products.

The programme, which is offered free of charge to key stage 2 pupils, will reach over 250 schools and more than 24,000 children during the current academic year. Interactive activities such as quizzes, singing, games and rapping are used to communicate the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

The lesson includes showing children a fun exercise routine as well as teaching them how nutrient–rich dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt with their protein, phosphorus, vitamins B2 and B12 and calcium, can contribute to a healthy balanced diet.

Each 45 minute session is supported by a teachers’ pack and parents’ leaflet, helping to reinforce ‘Food and Fitness’ messages in the home as well as in the classroom, providing easy ideas for getting children involved in the kitchen and in exercise.