Video: Police Chief condemns Ahoghill explosions

A senior Ballymena police officer has condemned the actions of those responsible for two explosions in Ahoghill overnight as “reckless”.

Chief Inspector Simon Ball said the attacks on two properties in Brookfield Gardens had shown a “reckless disregard”, not just for those living in the properties, but also the wider community.

Searching the Brookfield Gardens area in Ahoghill. INBT39-207AC

Searching the Brookfield Gardens area in Ahoghill. INBT39-207AC

He added that the police investigation into the attacks is still in its early stages and that it was “too early to speculate who was responsible”.

Chief Insp. Ball added: “It is the early stages of the investigation and detectives are working hard to gather evidence at this point.”

He did however add that at this stage, police have ruled out “this is sectarian, that it is racist or any form of hate crime” as a motive for the attacks.

Chief Insp. Ball said police had carried out searches of the area and pieces of the two devices had been recovered for further forensic examination.

Chief Inspector Simon Ball.

Chief Inspector Simon Ball.

He added that police were looking into the possibility that the devices were placed on timers, as the explosions went off separately.

Outlining the damage caused, he said while no one was injured in the explosions, extensive damage was caused to both properties, one of them in particular.

Chief Insp. Ball said he thanked the local community for their patience while officers carried out searches in the estate.

“There are families who have been out of their houses since the early hours of the morning and they’ve only just recently returned,” he said.

He also appealed for anyone who may have noticed suspicious activity in the Brookfield Gardens area in the early hours of Thursday morning to contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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