Welcome for traffic calming at ‘Waveney’

Plans by Roads Service to introduce traffic calming measures at six neighbouring streets in the town have been welcomed by Ballymena Councillors.

The proposed scheme, which is out to consultation until February 21, will include putting round topped road humps on Waveney Avenue, Galgorm Street, North Street, Clonavon Road, Clonavon Terrace and Kinhilt Street.

On hearing details at Thursday night’s Council Planning meeting, DUP Alderman Martin Clarke said it was an area where children played in the streets.

“Boy racers often come on to Galgorm Street and speed down and this will slow things up,” he said.

The Alderman reminded the meeting that a 20mph limit being piloted in local The Rosses development was to be rolled out elsewhere if successful and suggested that “it would go well” at Waveney Avenue, Galgorm Street etc.

Also welcoming the traffic calming scheme, TUV Cllr Timothy Gaston said residents in the area were in favour of the measures and proposed that Council write a letter of support to Roads Service.

Seconding that proposal, SDLP Cllr Declan O’Loan added: “This is an area that lends itself to traffic calming. It merits this scheme.”