Whaley family history to be revealed

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A local historian will reveal details of his investigation into members of the Whaley family later this month.

Brian O’Hara, chairperson of the Ballymena branch of The North of Ireland Family History Society, will do so in his role of guest speaker at their next meeting in The Braid Arts Centre on Ballymena’s Bridge Street, on Thursday, April 30, at 7.15pm.

Brian’s talk will get underway following the branch’s short annual general meeting.

A branch spokesperson said: “Brian came across a person by the name of William Whaley and intrigued by the newspaper reports of the time relating to the exploits of various men called Whaley at the turn of the 18th century he decided to investigate the Whaley family.

“What he discovered was a most eccentric tale which found the Whaley’s involved in the burning of churches, duels to the death, the Hell Fire Club and the loss of a massive fortune through excesses.”

Everyone is welcome to hear more about the Whaley’s and to enjoy the convivial atmosphere for which the Society is renowned by attending the next local branch meeting on April 30.

Admission, which can be paid on the night, is £1 for members and £3 for non-members.