Woman stole mobile phone during airport security checks

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A woman who stole a mobile phone from a fellow passenger during security checks at Belfast International Airport, has been sentenced to 80 hours community service.

Teresa Wood (73), of Swanston Avenue, Newtownabbey admitted theft of the Nexus 5 mobile phone, which occurred on August 17.

The court heard that during Airport security checks, the defendant lifted a mobile phone out of the blue tray used for scanning personal items.

It was added that the injured party contacted security staff when they noticed the phone was missing, CCTV identified Wood who admitted having the mobile phone.

The court was told that the defendant claimed she had not stolen the phone was going to give the phone to security.

Prosecution explained that Wood had not made any effort to hand over the phone to the numerous security staff at the airport.

A defending solicitor told Antrim Magistrates Court that they accepted that this was a “mean and opportunistic offence.”

Defence said: “This was a moment of madness. She made full admissions to police, she handed back the phone to police when they approached her. They gave it back to the owner.”

Defence added that Wood provides emotional and financial support to her family circle, “She is deeply embarrassed about the incident.”

District Judge Alan White sentenced Wood to 80 hours of community service.