Work planned to prevent Ahoghill flood problem

Work planned to prevent flooding in Ahoghill
Work planned to prevent flooding in Ahoghill

The cause of late summer flooding in Ahogill seems to have been pinpointed after an investigation by the Rivers Agency.

Now Paul Frew, the DUP MLA for North Antrim has welcomed plans to carry out remedial work to prevent a recurrence of the problem.

Mr. Frew said he appreciated the investigation carried out by Rivers Agency after business premises in the village Diamond were flooded along with a number of residential properties.

He said: “Following an investigation it has now emerged that water surcharged from a number of manholes, one on the road close to The Croft area which flooded the Diamond.

“Rivers Agency are proposing to modify a manhole system further upstream to restrict the flow within the underground culvert towards The Croft.

“The flow would be diverted to the watercourse alongside Brookside Church grounds.”

Mr. Frew said Rivers Agency are confident that this measure should stop water surcharges from the manhole in question at The Croft.

As part of the improvements in Ahoghill, work is to be started in the coming months to improve the culvert network along the Church grounds and also to culvert the open section of watercourse behind the shops at The Diamond that were so badly affected by the flooding.

Mr. Frew said: “I would like to thank Rivers Agency for their work on this and for working with me throughout the process.”