Worship Conference at Kilbride


Kilbride Presbyterian Church is hosting a worship conference bringing together “Thoughts on encountering the living, transcendent God”.

The event will take place on Saturday, August 1, from 10am-4pm and is open to everyone.

Plenary speaker will be Professor Lester Ruth of Duke Divinity School, North Carolina, with the first plenary session at 10.45am on ‘Does Worship Keep Your Understanding of God Too Small? Insights from Ancient Constantinople about the Transcendent in Worship’.

The second, at 2pm. will be on the theme ‘Exploring the Anaheim Vineyard: How has it influenced Contemporary Worship Practices Today?’, with the final session at 3.15pm on ‘Ways to discuss Church Worship Calmly and Productively’. Participants can chose to attend various workshops in the morning.

Attendance is £15pp. For more information contact Michael Fryer (0784 1619180/mprfryer@gmail.com) or the church.