Wrightbus deny Hong Kong bus deal

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Ballymena company Wrightbus has said it is not the case that the company has secured a major new export order from Hong Kong.

Claims that the company had secured a multi-million pound order for 500 buses from a company in Hong Kong were carried in the Belfast Telegraph.

It reported that in an exclusive interview with the newspaper, Company chairman William Wright revealed news of a new order.

Speaking to the newspaper, he is reported as saying: “Hong Kong can easily buy buses from China, but they come to us (when they want) quality.”

The report also stated that while Mr Wright ‘declined to reveal the total value of the deal, he said that it came to “quite a bit of money”’.

However, a company statement issued this morning said this was not the case.

It stated: “Wrightbus is aware of certain press coverage this morning suggesting that the company has secured a major new export order – this is not the case.

“The company has a long-standing policy of not making comments regarding its commercial activities unless there are matters of substance to confirm.

“Wrightbus will therefore be making no further comment or statement regarding this matter.”