Wrong way drivers ‘madness’ on A-26

A-26 'madness' - Paul Frew
A-26 'madness' - Paul Frew

Reports that some drivers are ignoring new road rules on the notorious Cromkill junction on the A-26 have shocked DUP MLA Paul Frew.

He spoke of his ‘alarm’ at the news that some drivers are still attempting to turn right onto the A26 from Cromkill Rd.

Civil works to make the A26 safer are now complete at the Cromkill Junction with a prohibition of the right turn manoeuvre towards Antrim being the primary and most important feature.

But the Assembly member said he had grave concerns about driver behaviour at the junction.

He said: “Having been in contact with TransportNI officials over the past few days , they and the PSNI are extremely worried that a small number of drivers are ignoring the signage and even the civil works, driving on what now is a one way lane the wrong way facing fast moving traffic coming off the A26 . THIS IS MADNEShis is madness!

“There have been many accidents at this junction with some fatalities over the years. Local residents have had their fencing destroyed and their gardens encroached with vehicles landing within metres of toys and garden furniture, painting a very scary picture of what might have been .

“This civil work, if heeded, will save lives. How dare these careless drivers risk theirs lives and those of other people just because they are too lazy to travel via the Ballee Roundabout or aggrieved at having to turn left and use the next available centre reservation point.

“The PSNI are monitoring the junction and I plead with people to wise up before someone gets killed.”