Antrim and Randalstown Ju-Jitsu Club's Magnificent Seven!

Antrim and Randalstown Ju-Jitsu Club recently celebrated huge success when six of its junior students successfully graded for Shodan Junior Black Belt and above.

Sunday, 24th June 2018, 7:10 pm
Updated Sunday, 24th June 2018, 7:18 pm
The Magnificent Seven! Shogun Ju-Jitsu Irelands new junior black belts in a Fighting Stance including Dominykas, Dylan, Molly, Charli, Eimantas, Adam and Cathair with Sensei Dan, Sensei Simon, Sensei Mandi and Sensei Paul.

The Black Belt gradings took place at Allen Park Sports Centre, Antrim and were assessed by Sensei Simon Rimington (8th Dan Black Belt) and Chief Instructor of Shogun Ju-Jitsu International.

Amongst the successful students and new junior Shodan black belts were Molly, Cathair, Eimantas and Dominykas from Antrim and Randalstown. Dylan (from Antrim) was successfully promoted to Junior Shodan Black Belt 1st Gold Tab and the highest black belt grading of the day was achieved by Charli (from Antrim), who was promoted to Junior Shodan Black Belt 2nd Gold Tab.

Local Ju-Jitsu Coaches Sensei Paul and Sensei Mandi Timperley of their Shogun Ju-Jitsu International Ireland group, were absolutely delighted by the success of their students.

Sara, the youngest member to grade in the Club at only 5 years old, showing how Ju-Jitsu can be done with no age limits.

“This is an absolutely fantastic day for the children and their families, it is also a very proud one for us as their coaches,” said Sensei Paul Timperley, 6th Dan Black Belt National Coach. “The girls and boys today who achieved their black belts have trained for 5-6 years with total dedication and their rewards are unequivocally deserved. We have gotten to know each one of these children very well over the years and from a very young age they have grown in many ways to become very valued members of our close Ju-Jitsu Black Belt Family.”

Sensei Rimington summarised the black gradings as ‘of an exceptionally high standard, with each student showing an in-depth knowledge of Ju-Jitsu with excellent execution, application and effort.’

The seven junior black belts of the Club also became the first students in Northern Ireland to be awarded with Gold Ju-Jitsu Merit Awards, presented only to long term students for their dedication and support within the Martial Arts. The prestigious certificates were presented by Sensei Simon to Adam (Junior Leader), Charli (Junior Leader), Dylan (Junior Leader), Molly, Cathair, Eimantas and Dominykas. To top that Congratulations goes to Molly, the well-deserved Winner of the Ju-Jitsu Champions’ Merit Cup.

Sensei Paul and Sensei Mandi were in turn presented with the Shogun Ju-Jitsu International ‘Club of Excellence’ Award on behalf of all the students of Shogun Ju-Jitsu International Ireland.

Mandi said: “It has been a wonderful weekend and a highly successful one for everyone from our Antrim and Randalstown family group. We extend a massive thank you to Sensei Simon Rimington and Sensei Dan Morris for once again coming over to N. Ireland to run the Gradings and Training Course. Well Done everyone and we will welcome back Sensei Simon and Sensei Dan next year for the next round of Black Belt Gradings!”

To follow the gradings the junior, intermediate and senior students were rewarded by an advanced training course by Sensei Rimington, coaching open hand Ju-Jitsu and weapons training.