David shares knowledge in teaching trip to Italy

Sensei David Toney.
Sensei David Toney.

Head of country for WJJF Ireland, Ballymena man David Toney, has just returned from teaching in Italy.

David, who is also Senior Coach at the local martial arts centre on the Woodside Road, The Dojo, enjoyed the long weekend, which was composed of a National Black Belt Grading, along with a world-class training course at which David was billed in the top three along with President for WJJF/WJJKO International – Shike Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti and Head of county for Israel, Amir Barnea.

Shihan Toney is one of the highest ranking Martial Artists in World Ju-Jitsu Federation and Kobudo Organisation in the world and is called upon to represent the elite International Shihan Kai at such events regularly.

Future teaching opportunities on the horizon for Toney are going to be in Cuba within the next year, while there is talk of expanding the organisation into Peru.

However the next confirmed event in the WJJF/WJJKO Calendar will be the 40th Anniversary International Congress in Rome, in June 2016.