Drifters and Michelin are top of the tree

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Drifters and Michelin are at the top of the league tables, closely followed by The Diamond and Fountain Bar respectively.

This Friday night sees the start of the Pictorium Cup campaign. Results and fixtures this week are

Best Individuals this week were 14 Leonard McKeegan, 15 Paddy Coyles, 16 Leonard McKeegan, 17s Rodney McAleese, Paddy Coyles, Alan Bamford, Noel Craig, 18s Jarlath McGarry, Gabe Kerr, 19s Ashley Rainey, Ian Rainey, Darnell McCrory, John Elder, Geoff McIlveen,

David Armstrong, Bobby Carson,20s John Robinson, Billy Gay, Ally Agnew, Lex Gilmour, Alan Craig, Arthur Kenny, 21s Daniel Thompson, Jarlath McGarry, Gabe Kerr, Bobby Carson, 22s Colin Reid, Davy Martin, John Robinson, Ryan Gault, David McFall, 23s Rodney McAleese, Davy Martin, Pearse McGarry, Geoff Wylie, Rodney McCartney, Arthur Kenny, 24s Ashley Rainey, Colin Reid, Ryan Gault, Denis Gault x2

Finishes 145 Gabe Kerr (Greenhills), 100 Daniel Thompson (Fountain Arrows) and 80 Alan Craig (Wanderers)

180 Club Rodney McAleese (The Diamond) and Noel Craig (Drifters)


Division One

BT/PO 1 The Diamond 7: The Diamond continues to chase Drifters, while BT/PO appears to be struggling so far this season. Well done Ian Reynolds (2-1) preventing a second successive whitewash.

The Diamond winners this week were Ashley Rainey (2-0), Rodney McAleese (2-1), Colin Reid (2-0), Davy Martin (2-0), John Robinson (2-0), Ryan Gault (2-1) and Denis Gault (2-0).

STAR PLAYER – Rodney McAleese

Greenhills 7 Fountain Arrows 1: Greenhills, like The Diamond, have started the season strong. Well done Daniel Thompson (2-1) with the point for Arrows. Greenhills had wins from Paddy Coyles (2-0), Jarlath McGarry (2-0), Lex Gilmour (2-1), Gabe Kerr (2-0), Leonard McKeegan (2-1), Pearse McGarry (2-1) and Johnny Cree (2-0).

STAR PLAYER – Leonard McKeegan

Drifters 6 Staffers 2: Drifters lose their first points of the season, Staffers surprising them to steal 2 points. Well done James Carlisle (2-1) and Jerome Carson (2-1) with Staffers points. Well done John Elder (2-0), Jason Mooney (2-1), Geoff McIlveen (2-0), Geoff Wylie (2-0), Noel Craig (2-0) and David McFall (2-0).

STAR PLAYER – Noel Craig

Division Two

Fountain Bar 6 Towers Tavern 2: A game going only one way, Towers winning the first and last games of the night. Well done Leon McDowell (2-0) and Dean Robinson (2-1) gaining two points for the Tavern. Fountain Bar gain their second win thanks to James Greer (2-1), George Foster (2-0), Willie Russell (2-0), Frank McDowell (2-0), Jack Russell (2-0) and Sammy Greer (2-0).

STAR PLAYER – Jack Russell

Michelin 5 Wanderers 3: Wanderers being consistent, with their third 5-3 defeat from 3 games, surely it’s only a matter of time before they gain their first win.

Wanderers’ wins came from Ben Gilmore (2-0), Davy Wilson (2-1) and John Bamber (Jr) (2-0). Michelin gained the victory thanks to Herbie Dunlop (2-1), Chris Penny (2-1), David Armstrong (2-0), Brian Hanna (2-0) and Bobby Carson (2-1).

STAR PLAYER – Bobby Carson

Buffs Club 6 Cosy Corner 2: A good competitive game of darts; with the victorious return of a Ballymena league legend, George McDowell (2-0) for Cosy Corner.

Well done also to Irene Lowry (2-0) for the Cosy. Buffs Club winners this week were Paul McDonald (2-0), Paul Henson (2-1), Arthur Kenny (2-1), Rodney McCartney (2-0), Martin Coulter (2-1) and Gwen Henson (2-0).

STAR PLAYER – George McDowell



Towers Tavern v Cosy Corner; Staffers v Slemish Tavern; Fountain Bar v Michelin; Greenhills v Fountain Arrows; Spinning Mill v Drifters; BT/PO v The Diamond; Clough v Wanderers;

Buffs BYE


Friday, October 17: – Pictorium Cup R1; Friday, October 24: League Match 4; Friday, October 31: Simpson Pairs.


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The next meeting of the BHDDL will be held on Monday, November 3 at 8.25 pm.