Drifters on verge of yet another league triumph

Drifters stand on the verge of yet another league title as the Ballymena, Harryville & District Darts League enters its final stretch.

Friday, 24th April 2015, 10:00 am
Ready to raise some money for Darell McCrory and Ben Gilmore for their trip to Nottingham as they compete for the N.I. Youth Friendship Team matches were these darts men of the Coach Bar, Ballymena. INBT 17-927H

The multiple champions require just one point from their final match against the Diamond to secure the crown.

Elsewhere, Michelin’s heavy defeat has opened the door for Fountain Bar and Slemish Tavern to force a playoff for promotion.

Best Individual performance was a 15-dart leg from Rodney McAleese, followed by: 17s Ally Agnew, Ryan Gault, Davy Martin, 18s Ally Agnew, Darnell McCrory, Andy Martin, Arthur Kenny, 18s John Elder, Ian Reynolds, 19 Geoff Matthews, 20s Pearse McGarry, Gabe Kerr, John Robinson, Ryan Gault, Leonard McKeegan (Snr), John Elder, David Armstrong.

Jimmy Finlay (Clough Rangers) had the best finish with a 145 checkout, followed by: 120 Richard Campbell (Staffers) and 92 Denis Gault (The Diamond)

Ryan Gault (The Diamond), Johnny Cree and Leonard McKeegan (Snr) (both Greenhills) all hit 180s.


The Diamond, 3, Greenhills 5: Diamond - Ryan Gault (2-0), Davy Martin (2-1), Rodney McAleese (2-0). Greenhills - Pearse McGarry (2-1), Dean Kerr (2-0), Ally Agnew (2-1), Gabe Kerr (2-0), Johnny Cree (2-1). Star player - Ally Agnew.

Clough Rangers 2, Drifters 6: Clough - Mervyn Gage (2-1), Jimmy Finlay (2-1). Drifters - Darnell McCrory (2-0), Alan Bamford (2-0), Geoff Matthews (2-0), Andy Martin (2-0), Geoff McIlveen (2-0) and John Elder (2-0). Star player - Andy Martin.

Staffers 2, BT/PO 6: Staffers - Jerome Carson (2-1), Jordan Barr (2-1). BT/PO - Colin McCaughern (2-0), Ian Reynolds (2-0), Shane Hillis (2-1), Alan Service (2-0), Derek Campbell (2-1), Billy Gay (2-0). Star player - Ian Reynolds.


Michelin 1, Fpuntain Bar 7: Michelin - Harry Eagleson (2-0). Fountain - Bob Peachey (2-0), Sammy Greer (2-1), Justin Cushenan (2-0), George Foster (2-0), Jack Russell (2-1), Frank McDowell (2-1) and Alan Young (2-0). Star player - Sammy Greer.

Slemish Tavern 6, Buffs Club 2: Slemish - Rab Lynn (2-0), William McBurney (2-0), Roy Gilchrist (2-0), Ian Millar (2-0), Cameron Horner (2-0), David McConaghie (2-0). Buffs - Arthur Kenny (2-0), Graham McCartney (2-0). Star player - Arthur Kenny.

Wanderers 7, Cosy Corner 1: Wanderers - Ben Gilmore (2-0), Ian Weir (2-0), Willy Bones (2-1), Paul Gray (2-0), Warren Gray (2-0), Jason Kernohan (2-0), Davy Wilson (2-1). Cosy Corner - Stephen Purdon (2-0). Star player - Warren Gray.