EURO 2016: Flag tribute for Ballymena man Ric in France

Northern Ireland football flag
Northern Ireland football flag

The memory of a Ballymena man who died in tragic circumstances late last year will be perpetuated when the European Championships kick off next week.

Richard Moore, known to his friends as Ric, passed away in December after choking on food while dining with work colleagues.

The local man was a passionate follower of the Northern Ireland international team and was a regular attender at home matches at Windsor Park.

Now his brother Nigel and friends have created a touching tribute flag which will go with them on their journey to France.

Entitled ‘Ric’s Loyal Block Bookers’, the flag also has an image of Ric’s face emblazoned on it, along with the comment ‘with us ‘Everywhere We Go’ - a reference to a popular terrace chant among Northern Ireland fans.

Following the championships, Ric will also be remembered at a charity football tournament in Ballymena.

The competition will take place on July 23 at the 3G pitch at Ballymena Showgrounds.

Ric played for Ballymena Saturday Morning League team Wakehurst Star and was a keen supporter of the team.

Star will compete in the pre-season tournament along with Wakehurst Strollers, Ahoghill Rovers and a team made up of Ric’s friends, colleagues and former team mates.

There will be a collection taken up throughout the day and proceeds will go to the Causeway Hospital ICU, where Ric was treated prior to his death.