Frew seeks fencing to protect Kells pitch

COUNCILLOR Paul Frew has spoken up for his constituents in the twin villages of Kells and Connor by asking council officials at Monday night’s Council meeting to make available to him all costings and actions that the council have taken and promised to take on providing fencing around the football pitch in the village.

Speaking after the meeting Cllr Frew stated: “The community is very thankful for the work done to date regarding the application to the rural development fund for a MUGA pitch and look forward to the day when that project will be completed and young sports enthusiasts will be able to use the facility.

However Cllr Frew also stated: “The community have been campaigning for a long time and I know Cllr Hubert Nicholl alongside other DUP colleagues have raised this issue in council many times, for fencing to be erected around the existing pitch in order to protect it from unofficial use and dog fouling .

“It is an absolute nightmare when you find this sort of thing happening on a field of play where young people will be keeping fit and enjoying themselves and council should take all necessary action to eradicate it from this area because of the health implications.

“I will be pushing hard for this to be investigated, I believe it would enhance the whole area and help keep Kells and Connor moving forward,” added Cllr Frew.