Harryville Homers’ 40th anniversary event looms

Harryville Homers.
Harryville Homers.

HARRYVILLE Homers officials are putting the finishing touches to one of the most eagerly-awaited events in the club’s history.

The club’s 40th anniversary dinner will take place in the Adair Arms on Saturday, February 23, with many past and present players, managers, committee members and supporters due to be in attendance.

Those planning to be there should confirm their attendance with one of the following as soon as possible, in order to help organisers finalise numbers: Mervyn Barr 07709 814525; Davy Armstrong 07527 930950; or Davy Craig 07704 249511.

The club would also be grateful for any old photographs that could be copied and displayed on the night. All originals will be returned the owners and anyone willing to lend them to the club should contact any of the three people named above.