Matthew Shevlin and William Faulkner exit Ballymena United

Matthew Shevlin
Matthew Shevlin

Ballymena United have announced the departure of Matthew Shevlin and William Faulkner will leave the club at the expiry of their contracts this season.

Manager David Jeffrey confirmed the news.

“Matthew was offered a three year improved contract in writing several months ago and he chose to consider the offer. We have had several discussions and met again this evening and it is with disappointment that he sees his future away from the club.

“He was clear that he wouldn’t rule out a return in the future but at this moment it’s in his best interest to make a break from the club.

“It is also with regret we announce that we are not in a position to offer an extension to Faulkner.

“Whilst he has had a frustrating time with injury, his contribution on and off the pitch has been significant.

“It is sad for us that we are unable to offer him a contract, and he does leave us with our thanks and best wishes. He has been fully and won’t be short of offers.”