Sports Bond celebrates 12 years of winners this month

Sports Bond’s first ever weekly draw was on Tuesday 20th November, 2001.

Sunday, 10th November 2013, 2:00 pm
Jackie Fullerton is pictured along with Paul McNeilly (producer), Davy Sloan (singer) and Colin Agnew (writer) with their Ballymena United CD. INBT45-264AC

This week sees week 52 of year 11 completed and so next week we celebrate our 12th anniversary.

Last week we saw the success of Nathan Gilmore, this week Nathan continued his fine run with another major winner with John Bamber (A6882).

Direct canvassing brought on Laura Patterson (A7675) in September, now she has her first £50 major win on the agency of David Brown. Also brought on with Direct Canvassing in September was Jeanette McKay (A0072) of Clough, so another first time win for a new member.

In Ahoghill J Anderson (A6755) was a £10 minor winner on the agency the Diamond Bar agency. Vicki Russell had a family win with £10 for brother Jonny Russell (A9397), another first time winner was Martha Lorimer (A6361), a member of Maurice Anderson’s agency.

No Jackpot was allocated with the numbers 6, 17, 24 and 26 so a “new” Jackpot winner is assured for our “new” Sports Bond year.

As Sports Bond enters a new year it is in a healthy state. Direct Canvassing over the summer has brought on many new members, two new agents David Brown and Michael Bamber are on board with another new agent due on for Kells within the next few weeks.

But perhaps one example epitomises the positive attitude surrounding Sports Bond, for many, many years we have enjoyed great support from the Paper Rack in Ahoghill owned by Ann Dickey. Every week for years she has faithfully recorded 10 members, for next weeks draw, she is returning 11 members, a new member in Sandra McKeown. We welcome Sandra and say thanks to the Paper Rack.


Ballymena United launched their CD, “Have You Ever Wondered Why?” on Wednesday, priced at £3 there is a marvellous opportunity to support your club and raise revenue from the CD.

The title song was composed by Sky Blue fan Colin Agnew, performing on the song with Colin are Davy Sloan and Paul McNeilly with a contribution from Jackie Fullerton. Colin was given a warm round of appreciation in the Board Room on Saturday.

This week sees distribution through the Sports Bond agent network, a stand will be in The Tower Centre on Thursday and door to door selling will commence also.

Already sales have been heartening, so come on Ballymena fans and citizens of the Borough, support Ballymena Utd by buying your copy of “Have You Ever Wondered Why?”.


Old clothes are still required for the club. We collect when you tell us to. To arrange a collection ring 07831 803970.


Two winners were found at the Co Antrim Shield semi final last week.

The first was James Bell, son of steward Jackie Bell. James has been doing some stewarding himself this season on occasions.

The second was Ballymena coach and owner of the Sports Hut, Clifford Adams. Both had 77 minutes scratchcards, both collected £30.


We hope to have a crossbar challenge at the Ballinamallard fixture on November 30th. To purchase a ticket or enrol ring 07831 803970.