From Minor to Major, Gordon Wins again on Sports Bond


Last week saw Gordon Blair receive a cheque for £10 for being a minor £10 winner on Sports Bond, this week Gordon Blair (A3226) won £50 as a major winner.

This is Gordon’s second £50 win and he is at the moment a member of a unique collection of people who have won more than they have paid in.

Gordon has been a member for nearly 2 years. Out in Glenwherry Tommy Matthews, Sports Bond agent, is currently on holiday but one of his members, John Cahoon (B4884) was a £50 major winner.

So far “A” and “B” prefixes have won £50 this week so along comes Nicole Power (C2441) to win £50.

Recently we spoke of Sports Bond grandparents and grandchildren winning and this is the case with Nicole whose grandmother is Janice Christie, a Sports Bond agent.

This week the winners have been multiple winners on Sports Bond.

The minor winners are all male winners, Kieron King (A2723) on the agency of Maurice Anderson, Johnny Spiers (A9051) on the agency of David Brown and Rodney Crawford (A2224) on the agency of Richard McClean.

The Jackpot numbers 1, 13, 20 and 22 were not allocated and the Jackpot is £300 for this week.

First Score

The Community Shield First Score winning time was 24 minutes and so far we have a claim for £30 from George Harper who was sold a ticket from his uncle Alan Armstrong.

There is likely to be other winners out there so if you have a winning ticket of 24 minutes please ring 07831 803970.

The First Score season for Ballymena Utd supporters commences this Saturday at Linfield.

First Score is a competition to reward all the faithful who travel to away matches.

If you win once in a season you receive £30, twice £60 and 3 times a season ticket for next season.

Last year Robyn McClenaghan and Jackie Cochrane both won twice and received £90 in total each.

Make sure you get yours on Saturday priced at £1.