Galgorm Castle: Rainey wins Meeting of the Rivers Trophy

Galgorm Castle Golf Club.
Galgorm Castle Golf Club.

The Meeting of the Rivers Trophy sponsored by Danske Bank was held at Galgorm Castle Golf Club.

At halfway Ian Rainey (18) was two points ahead of Aidan Donnelly (15) and Adrian Atkinson (12) who were another two points ahead of Jonathan Keys (18), Bryan Logan (11) and Gareth Beckington (13). Unable to keep up with the pace a further five points adrift came Andy Moore (15). Through the Maple there was a four way tie between Rainey, Donnelly, Atkinson and a much improved Keys. Beckington was two points behind, followed by Logan another two points away with Moore a further four points down. Up the Grove and with two left to play Donnelly and Keys were a point ahead of Rainey and Atkinson. Logan, Beckington (failed to negotiate Beechers) and Moore were another three, four and six points respectively firther behind. Donnelly with two bogeys and Keys a double bogey and a par finished together but they were unable to hold off the late challenge of Rainey who with a great birdie, eagle finish won Overall by four points. J.Keys was Overall Runner-Up with a better back nine. Donnelly won Division 2 followed by Atkinson (bogey, ‘ding’) taking second place. Beckington (bogey, par), Logan (two bogeys) and a bogey, birdie finish by Moore made for a three way tie two points behind Atkinson and with a better back nine Moore took third place.

In Division 1 at the turn Paul Hughes (9) was leading by two points from Norman Reid (9) with Wilson McVeigh (7) and Mal Bellew (5) anothert three points behind. Paul Sittlington (9) was a further point away followed by Joel McNeilly (5) two more points down. Hughes was joined by Reid through twelve and they remained level over the next four holes as they stayed well clear of the others.. Reid came home par, par to win by one point from Hughes (double bogey, birdie) who was a further five points clear of McVeigh (par, bogey), Sittlington (bogey, birdie), Bellew (par, par) and McNeilly par, birdie) who finished together and with a better back nine third place went to McNeilly.

Through the front nine in Division 3 Steve Henry (19) was one point ahead of Michael Burton (20) who in turn was a point ahead of David Brown (18), Lester Davidson (19) and Gerald Lynn (18). Another point behind came Samuel Graham (20) and Tony Quinn (20). Through thirteen Brown had moved up to join Henry in the lead by two points from Lynn who was one point clear of Graham, Quinn and Davidson. Burton after a ‘ding’ at eleven was a further point behind. With two to play Brown was leading by one point from Henry who was two points ahead of Lynn and an improving Burton with a run of four pars. Graham and Davidson were another point away, a point ahead of Quinn. Brown finished bogey, par to win by two points from Henry (two bogeys) and Lynn (two pars) and with Lynn winning the Seniors S.Henry finished in second place. Burton (two bogeys), Davidson (bogey, par), Quinn (two pars) and Graham (par, bogey) finished together another two points behind and with a better back six S.J.Graham took the remaining place.

John Fitzgerald (22) held a two point advantage over Christopher McBurney (22) in Division 4 after the front nine. Colin Thompson (22) was another two points behind with Raymond Strange (24) a further point away. An improving Thompson after a run of four pars had taken a one point lead over Fitzgerald and McBurney through the Maple. Strange was a further five points down. Approaching the seventeenth tee Thompson had increased his lead to two points ahead of McBurney followed by Fitzgerald another point away. Strange was a further four points behind. Thompson finished double bogey, bogey to win by one point from McBurney (two bogeys) with Fitzgerald (two bogeys) in third. Strange (two pars) closed to within one point of the placings.

Results – Overall Winner – Ian Rainey (18) 48 pts – Overall Runner-Up – Jonathan Keys (18) 44 pts (BB9) – Division 1 – 1st. Norman Reid (9) 43 pts – 2nd. Paul Hughes (9) 42 pts – 3rd. Joel McNeilly (5) (BB9) – Division 2 – 1st. Aidan Donnelly (15) 44 pts – 2nd. Adrian Atkinson (12) 41 pts - 3rd. Andy Moore (15) 39 pts (BB9) – Division 3 – 1st. David Brown (18) 43 pts – 2nd. Steve Henry (19) 41 pts – 3rd. Samuel J.Graham (20) 39 pts (BB6) – Division 4 – 1st. Colin Thompson (22) 42 pts – 2nd. Christopher McBurney (22) 41 pts – 3rd. John Fitzgerald (22) 40 pts – Gross – Steven Penney (1) 35 pts – Seniors – Gerard Lynn (18 ) 41 pts.

Twos were recorded by – S.Logan, N.Fitzsimmons, B.Heggarty, F.McKelvey, G.Murray and K.Balmer.