Gearing up for the Christmas programme

W and N Gilbert won both classes at Ballymena & Dist with the judges from Ahoghill Albert & Tom Young.
W and N Gilbert won both classes at Ballymena & Dist with the judges from Ahoghill Albert & Tom Young.

A busy season continues for the Ballymena and District with events each Monday evening.

The members in the last week judged at a number of the local events including Ahoghill, Kells, Cullybackey and Ballymoney.

The big Open Show Dates are Cullybackey HPS, Saturday, December 20, Kells & District Boxing Day Friday, December 26 and finally Ballymena & District New Year’s Day Thursday, January 1.

Ballymena & District: Albert and his brother Tom Young travelled in from Ahoghill to judge the recent classes penned for the local club, Young Pairs and Old Bird Fancy. This year’s show season is the longest on record 17 Classes over 9 weeks up to Christmas, then the Annual Open Show on New Year’s Day. New Show Secretary Willy Gilbert is having a good introduction to the job, he wins a class most weeks and last week won both classes with the Best in Show Special in Young Pairs that had earlier been picked out by several members. Young Pairs (60 Birds) – 1st & HC W & N Gilbert, 2nd G & A EAgleson, 3rd & VHC McAlonan Bros, 4th Blair & Rankin, Reserve Russell Bros, Commended B Herbison. Old Bird Fancy (38 Birds) – 1st & HC W & N Gilbert, 2nd McAlonan Bros, 3rd & 4th Russell Bros, Reserve Blair & Rankin, VHC McFall & McManus, HC W & N Gilbert, Commended B Herbison. Bertie Blair won the Raffle for the second week. Monday, December 15 Red, Mealy & Grizzle. The Annual dinner and prize presentation will be in the Tullyglass Hotel on Saturday, January 10. Ahoghill Flying Club: Robert Alexander from Ballymena & Dist placed the cards in the recent show, classes for Young Pairs and Fancy. R Lowry was 1st in Young Pair and 2nd Fancy while T & G Balmer had 1st Fancy and 2nd in Young Pairs. Young Pairs – 1st & Reserve R Lowry, 2nd & VHC T & G Balmer, 3rd C Moore, 4th A & N Young, HC & Commended M/M Robinson. Fancy – 1st & 3rd T & G Balmer, 2nd & VHC R Lowry, 4th & Reserve T McFall, HC C Moore, Commended Balmer Young & Sons. Friday – Old Pairs & Late Breds. Cullybackey HPS: Judges travelled in from Ballymena & Dist, George Eagleson and neighbour George Connolly placed the cards for Old Hens Handled and Fancy. For the local club J & J Greer had the Red Card in both classes and Best in Show. Old Hens Handled – 1st & 3rd J & J Greer, 2nd & 4th Gibson & Dickey, Reserve & Commended A Darragh, VHC Russell Bros, HC N & S Anderson. Fancy – 1st & Reserve J & J Greer, 2nd & 3rd N & S Anderson, 4th & VHC T McFall, HC A Darragh, Commended Russell Bros. Saturday – Old Bird & Young Bird Eye-sign.