Ju-jitsu students make the grade

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Shogun Ju-Jitsu Clubs from Antrim & Randalstown, Mossley and Ballymena recently staged a unique event in Rathenraw Community Centre.

A prerequisite of Shogun Ju-Jitsu’s Sport NI Clubmark Accreditation is inter-club competition for their students, achieved by students competing against one another in various events.

Local Ju-Jitsu Coaches Paul and Mandi Timperley designed a new structure within their clubs to combine grading examinations with competition finals, bringing the best of their students together and head to head in competition.

Sensei Paul comments, “Over the years I have been involved in many competition events, both competing in ju-jitsu and kickboxing tournaments and also assessing as an examiner.

“Separately I also did both on many occasions in grading examinations but this is the first time we have brought the two events together in Shogun Ju-Jitsu which proved highly successful and very exciting for the students and also for us the coaches on the day!

“Ju-Jitsu grading events are normally tense and exciting in themselves when students attempt to prove their ability and knowledge under a little bit of pressure when grading for their next martial arts belt. However when we added competition into the mix on this occasion it proved a very successful ingredient on the day.”

The 1st Shogun Ju-Jitsu Championships entailed finalists from all clubs collectively competing in Kata Competition against each other including children and youth of all ages and abilities between the ages of 6-15 years old, in various categories. ‘Kata’ is a Japanese term, describing detailed choreographed patterns of movements practised either solo or in pairs.

Sensei Mandi proudly says, “The children competing in the finals were absolutely brilliant and it was a highly competitive event, making it extremely hard for us to score and choose winners. In fact the standard of the preliminary rounds were also very high which is very encouraging. Congratulations to all children who took part and especially those who came out winners on this occasion.”