Andy snaps up league’s individual title success


This week the Ballymena, Harryville and District Darts League held the annual League Individual competition in Coach Bar, Ballymena.

A truly high standard of darts was played by all throughout the night, with 100 players taking part across the three competitions.


Board 1 witnessed some titanic match-ups; with 6 members of the table topping Greenhills team in action. The Board was eventually won by Geoff Wylie (Drifters) who overcame Ashley Rainey (The Coach).

Board 2, judged by many to be the toughest board, saw some early upsets with exits for Ryan Gault and Gabriel Kerr with Lex Gilmour (The Coach) eventually defeating Leonard McKeegan Jr (Greenhills).

Board 3 probably witnessed some surprising results before multiple winner John Elder (Drifters) overcame the challenge of David Martin (The Coach).

Board 4 was an equally challenging board with some big names making early exits, before Andy Martin (Drifters) defeated Willie Wright (Floaters) to make his way to the last 4.

The first semi-final was an tense contest, with Andy Martin having too much on this occasion for John Elder (3-1). The second semi-final could have been a tighter affair but for missed doubles; Geoff Wylie triumphing 3-0 over Lex Gilmore.

The final was a close encounter. Trading legs from the start it was Andy Martin who eventualyy hit the winning double to claim the Ballymena Individual crown.


Board 1 saw a few surprise results, with Chris McDonald (Pattons Bar) emerging as the board winner against Joe Balmer (Wanderers).

Board 2 saw an early exit for defending champion Willy Bones as SHane Hills (Ballee I) overcame Arthur Kenny (Buffs) to reach the last four.

Board 3 was again a closely contested board with Samuel McDowell (Wanderers) overpowering David McFall (Village Inn) in the final. Finally, Board 4 was won by Colin McCaughern (Ballee I) who made light work of all challengers; defeating Trevor McFall (Village Inn) in the final.

Experience was probably the difference in the first semi-final with Shane Hillis defeating Chris McDonald 2-1, while an impressive display from Colin McCaughern saw him claim a 2-0 win over Samuel McDowell in the otehr semi.

Another close encounter in the final saw Shane Hillis claim a 2-1 victory over team mate Colin McCaughern.


Defending champion Sandra Gilmore was unfortunate to lose out in Round 1 to Diane Johnston.

Semi final 1 saw Irene Lowry claiming a place in the final with a win over Siobhan Walker. Semi final 2 had Diane Johnston continue to impress by claiming her final spot with victory over Annie Greer.

The final was a tight affair going to the last leg, with Irene Lowry claiming the title once again.


League action resumes this Friday night with the following matches:

Division One: Floaters v Drifters; The Coach v Fountain Arrows; Spinning Mill v Thatch Inn; Greenhills - free week.

Division Two: Ballee I v Wanderers; Fountain Bar v Michelin; Bowling Club v Village Inn; Pattons v Ballee II; Buffs Club v Cosy Corner.