Anglers brave all sorts of weather at Craigmore


All seasons of weather once again over the weekend at Craigmore Fishery.

Strong east winds, snow, hail, thunder and sunshine, but surprisingly quite a lot of fish caught on the surface. Jonny McNeill 40 on bloodworm 2@4+lb and 1@5lb. Cliford Gay 24 on mixed dries 1@4+lb. Alan Stran 17 on damsels 1@6+lb and 1@4+lb. Chris Kegg 11 on buzzers 2@6+lb. Alan Temple 13 on dries and buzzers 1@5lb.

Andy McClelland 35 on mixed flys with quite a few at 4-5lb, William Kinnard 17 a couple 4-5lb, sammy McConaughty 14 on buzzers 1@8lb and 2@3.8lb, Hugh Mitchell 11 on buzzers 1@3.6lb. Mark Goudy 10 on yellow lures 1@5lb. Jack Kelso 16 on buzzers and drys 1@7lb and 2@4+lb. Mark Neeson 15 on buzzers 1@6lb 2@4+lb.

Other nice fish Paul Clarke 1@10lb 2oz. John McNeill 2@6+lb on buzzers. David Moore 1@4.8lb, Mervin Gauge 1@4lb 2oz, Mark McNeill 1@5.9lb on a green and black buzzer. Davy Cunningham 1@5+lb. John Carson 1@6+lb and 1@4+lb on a Griffith knat. Michael Smith 1@5+lb on a black shuttlecock. Peter Heyburn 1@5+lb. Ivan Thompson 1@4-5lb.