Anglers cope with swirling winds at Craigmore

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Strong swirling winds this weekend keeping the fish down at Craigmore Fishery.

John Hall landed 52 in two visits on lures and buzzers 1@7+lb and a few 4-5lb.

Jim Surgeoner landed 28 on lures. Ian Gunning 28 on mixed buzzers 1@8+lb and 5@5-6lb.

Matthew Laffin 19 on mixture of everything 2@4+lb. Chris Irvine 24 on mixed flies with few 4+lb. Jonny McNeill 40 in a few visits on apps bloodworm few @4lb.

Michael McKnight 20 on lures and buzzers 1@6lb, 2@4lb and a tagged fish netting him £25. Leonard Clewer 15 on mixed flys, Billy Hazalett 13 on drys 2@3-4lb. James Harper 30 on a couple of visits on drys 1@6+ lb, 2@5,8@4+lb. John Bailey 12 on buzzers 2@4.8-5lb.

Martin McNicholl 12 on buzzers with 1@5lb. Jimmy Irvine 10+on damsels 1@7-8lb and few3-4lb. Ian Smith 18 on buzzers and drys 1@9lb and 3@4-5lb.