Anglers defy conditions to net number of big catches


Fishing was hard enough at times over the weekend at Craigmore Fishery, with heavy fog, bright sunshine and flat calm water, but quite a lot of big fish getting caught.

Jonny McNeill 66 on a few visits on the weed fly with 3sets of doubles 2@7+lb, 1@6+lb, 6@5+lb and the rest 3-4lb.

Tommy Wharry 11 on damsels and buzzers 1@4+lb. Trevor Norris 11 3@4+lb and few 3+lb. Uel Stewart 17 on lures 1@7+lb, 5@5+lb and the rest 3-4lb. Pawal Sincia 16 on buzzers, drys and nymphs 1@6+lb and 3@3-4lb.

Sandy Dorien 23 on the weed 1@7.8lb and 9@5+lb. Ruth Arell 14 on the weed Andy McClelland 20 on bloodworm 1@7.8lb and a few 3-4lb. Jim Johnson landed 22 on buzzers with 1@6+lb, 2@5+lb and rest 3-4lb.

Gary Graham 8 on black and green nomads with 1@7.8lb and the rest 3-4lb. Other nice fish Ivan Thompson 1@6,1@7and 1@8lb. Eamon Kairns 2@4+lb. Brian McNeill 1@5+lb. Martin Foster 2@4.8-5lb on lures.

Drew Black 1@5+lb. Tom Smith 1@5+lb and 1@4.8lb. Sammy McConaughty 1@6.8lb and 1@4+lb on olive buzzers. Edmund McAteer 1@5+lb on shuttlecock. Mark Kirpatrick 1@7+lb, 2@3.8-4lb. Steven Webb 1@5+lb and 1@4+lb. James Harper 1@7+lb.

Matt Stranaghan 1@5+lb. Matthew Morrow 1@5+lb. Wilbert Gracey 1@5+lb. Billy Todd 1@7+lb.