Anglers endure cold north winds at Craigmore Fishery


Cold north winds persisted over the weekend at Craigmore Fishery.

Despite this there were a lot of good hatches of black and olive flies each day.

James Harper landed 24 on mixed,drys 1@5+lb and 4@4+lb, Arron McGaw 19 on 2 visits on black ants, Leslie Beggs 10 on drys and lures 1@4+lb!

Jonny McNeill 39 on a few visits on lures 3@7+lb, 7@5+lb and 8@4+lb rest 2-3lb.

Thomas Taylor 11 on shipmans and daddy’s 1@6+lb and 1@4+lb! Ruth Arrell 11 with 1@7+lb and 4@5+lb on the weed fly.

Sandy Doreen 17 with 3@5-6lb on the weed fly, Davy Couples jr 10 on mixed drys, Davy Couples sr 9 with 1@6+lb and 1@4+lb on drys, Michael Wakeland 18 on drys and buzzers 1@8+lb and a few 4+lb!

Simon Kinnley 10 on bloodworm with 1@8+lb! Steven Turner 10 on mixed drys 1@7+lb and 1@4+lb, Billy Magill 10 on buzzers 1@10+lb, 1@7+lb and 1@6+lb and the rest 3-4lb, Sanmy Mcnaughty 9 on buzzers 1@4+lb! Steven Webb 9 on black gnats.

Again a lot of cracking fish caught Tommy Wharry 1@4+lb and 1@4.8lb, Jeff Davidson 1@6+lb on a dry fly.

David McGarry 1@5+lb! Nigel Evans 1@5+lb, S Cairns 1@4+lb!

John Hughes 1@5+lb, Jim Magill 1@5+lb, Bob Duffin 1@6+lb and 1@4.8lb, Thomas Hillyland 2@7+lb!

Dean Booth 1@4+lb! Mark Gordon 1@4+lb, Gareth McCaffery 1@5.8lb, William Kinnard 2@4+lb! Mark Hanna 4@5+lb!

Jim Surgeoner 1@6+lb and 1@5+lb! Michael Booth 1@5+lb, Shane J ackson 1@7-8lb on a dawlbach, John Alcroft 2@5+lb.

Tony Cooper 1@5.8lb and 1@48lb, Laurence Long 1@4.8lb. Ivan Thompson 1@5lb, Jim Patterson 1@4.8lb. Dylan Jackson 1@4-5lb.

The best flies of the previous week were bloodworm, daddy’s, red/brown sedge and Griffith knats.

James Harper landed 28 on shuttlecocks and knats 2@5+Lb, 6@4+lb and the rest mostly 3+Lb. Billy Hazalett 26 on 2 visits on mixed drys with over half 3-4lb. Jeff Davidson 12 on red and brown mixed drys 1@6+lb and 6@3-4lb, Alan Temple 10 on mixed days.