Anglers endure testing conditions at Craigmore Fishery


Some serious storms over the holidays, and also fish going through the motions of spawning, together with heavy rain and changing winds made it hard fishing at times at Craigmore Fishery.

Surprisingly, there was still 12 fish caught on Sunday on dry flies.

Arden Pollock 13 on mixed flys, Gary Stewart 18 on mixed flys. Adrian Crow landed 14 lures with 2@5+lb. Brian Busbie 11 on cats 1@7.5, 1@6.8 and 1@5+lb, Matthew Laffin 10 on mixed lures, Colin Foster 13 on lures, Martin Foster 20 on lures 1@8+lb and 1@6+lb, Andy McClelland 11 on damsels and lures 1@4+lb. William Kinnard 10 on lures, Robert Logan 16 on mixed flys, Gunter Schiefter 16 on damsels couple 4+lb, jimmy Irvine 10 on damsels with a few 4+lb. Sandy Dorien 9 on the weed fly 3@6+lb rest 3-5lb, J Williams and Mark Williams 7 each on lures with a few nice fish.

Chris Weeler 7 on black lure 1@4lb, John Dickson 7 on white lure 1@5+Lb. Rab McCurry 6 on lure 1@8+lb, 1@+lb and 2@4+lb. Davy Couples 13 on lures 3@4+lb, Jonny McNeill 12 with 2@4+lb. Ian Prise 14 on drys and buzzers 1@8lb, 2@5+lb. Jason Johnson 17 on nymphs 1@7lb and 3@4lb.

Young Tom Turner showed the big guys how it’s done, landing 6 in a couple of hours on a green lure with 2@4+lb. Other nice fish caught Colin Kenny 1@4+lb, Willie Laverty 1@4+lb, Robert Paul 1@5+lb and 1@4+lb.