Ballee and Drifters close to perfection in darts league


This week the Ballymena, Harryville and District Darts League saw Ballee I continue their 100% league form, 1 win away from a perfect season.

Drifters are also 1 win away from achieving the same; an outstanding achievement for both teams. 2nd place in Division 1 has now been awarded to Greenhills.

180 Club Ryan Gault (The Coach), Brian Cathcart, John Elder (both Drifters), Willy McBurney (Thatch Inn) and Brian Logan (Pattons Bar)


Division One

Drifters 7 The Coach 1: With this victory, Drifters end any hopes The Coach have of 2nd place. Well done Colin Reid (2-1) with a win for The Coach to avoid a whitewash. Drifters winners this week were Darnell McCrory (2-1), Brian Cathcart (2-0), Andy Martin (2-0), John Elder (2-0), Geoff Wylie (2-0), David McFall (2-1) and Geoff Matthews (2-0).

Greenhills 3 Floaters 5: Greenhills winners were Paddy Coyles (2-0), Pearse McGarry (2-0) and Leonard McKeegan (Snr) (2-0). Floaters claimed their points thanks to wins from Ben Gilmore (2-0), Jason Mooney (2-1), Noel Craig (2-0), Justin Cushenan (2-0) and Dean Balmer (2-1).

Thatch Inn 6 The Bulls 2: Thatch Inn winners were Willy McBurney (2-0), Roy Gilchrist (2-0), David McConaghie (2-1), Dean Calderwood (2-1), Josh Rock (2-1) and Paul Rock (2-1). The Bulls winners were Chris Greer (2-1) and David Neill (2-1).

Division Two

Ballee II 3 Buffs Club 5: Buffs Club proved to strong for Ballee II who must be pleased with their efforts this season. Ballee II had wins from Paul Bell (2-0), Donna Service (2-0) and Paul Smyth (2-0). Buffs Club winners this week were Arthur Kenny (2-0), Sandra Gilmore (2-1), Paul McDonald (2-0), Martin Coulter (2-1) and Davinia Allen (2-0).

Pattons 5 Michelin 3: Pattons look to have sealed promotion thanks to this victory but nothing is guaranteed yet. Michelin winners this week were Herbie Dunlop (2-0), Alan Penny (2-1) and Brian Hanna (2-1). Pattons got the win thanks to Kieran McGaughey (2-1), David Steele (2-1), Brian Logan (2-0), Chris McDonald (2-1) and Jimmy Finlay (2-1).

Village Inn 8 Cosy Corner 0: Village Inn winners this week were Neil Marshall (2-1), James McKeown (2-0), David McFall (2-1), Gareth Logan (2-0), Rodney Wilson (2-0), Joe Wallace (2-0), Trevor McFall (2-1) and Darryl Reid (2-0)

Fountain Bar 3 Ballee I 5: Ballee I now lie 1 win away from a 100% league campaign. Fountain Bar had wins from Sammy Greer (2-0), Jack Russell (2-1) and Willie Russell (2-1). Ballee I winners this week were Colin McCaughern (2-0), Shane Hillis (2-0), Darren Hillis (2-0), Andy McCaughern (2-0) and Billy Gay (2-0).

Wanderers 7 Bowling Club 1: Wanderers continue to push for promotion thanks to wins from Sammy McDowell (2-0), Jerome Carson (2-0), Joe Balmer (2-0), Willy Bones (2-0), Joe McDowell (2-0), Alistair Craig (2-0) and Ally Craig (2-0).


Tonight’s fixtures are:

Division One: Greenhills v Drifters; The Coach v Floaters; Fountain Arrows v Thatch Inn. The Bulls - bye week.

Division Two: Michelin v Cosy Corner; Ballee I v Buffs Club; Bowling Club v Pattons; Village Inn v Ballee II; Fountain Bar v Wanderers.