Ballee I catch eye in early weeks of darts league

Buffs Club had a good win over Cosy Corner. INBT 39-177CS
Buffs Club had a good win over Cosy Corner. INBT 39-177CS

Ballee I have certainly made a positive impact in the opening weeks of the Ballymena, Harryville & District Darts League.

After three rounds of fixtures, Ballee have been the standout side in the second division.

This week they meet second placed Patton’s Bar, another side whose early-season performances have caught the eye.

Best individual performance this week was a 12-darts leg from Ryan Gault, followed by: 16 Chris Greer, 18s Dean Kerr, Andrew McCaughern, 19s Gabe Kerr, Ryan Gault, Jarlath McGarry, Paul Henson, 20s Leonard McKeegan (Snr), Leonard McKeegan (Jnr), Darren Hillis, 21s Gabe Kerr, Ally Agnew, Robert Beggs, Leon McDowell, Andrew McCaughern,

Greenhills’ Dean Kerr had the week’s best finish with a 100 checkout.

Gabe Kerr, Ally Agnew, Paddy Coyles (all Greenhills), Sammy Greer (Fountain Bar) Arthur Kenny x2 and Martin Coulter (both Buffs Club) all hit 180s.


Spinning Mill 7, Fountain Arrows 1: Spinning Mill - Frank McDowell (2-0), John Greer (2-1), Rodney Thompson (2-1), Lee Balmer (2-0), Chris Greer (2-0), Danny Balmer (2-0) and Fred McDowell (2-0); Arrows - Robert Beggs (2-0). Star player - Chris Greer.

The Coach 3, Greenhills 5: Coach - Ryan Gault (2-1), David Martin (2-1) and Colin Reid (2-1); Greenhills - Gabe Kerr (2-0), Ally Agnew (2-0), Jarleth McGarry (2-1), Leonard McKeegan (Snr) (2-0) and Leonard McKeegan (Jnr) (2-0). Star player - Ryan Gault.

Thatch Inn 3, Floaters 5: Thatch - Paul Rock (2-0), David McConaghie (2-0) and Dean Calderwood (2-0); Floaters - Davy Logan (2-1), Glenn Gilmore (2-1), Willy Wright (2-1), John Balmer (2-1) and Jason Mooney (2-1). Star player - Willy Wright.


Wanderers 0, Ballee I 8: Ballee - Colin McCaughern (2-1), Leon McDowell (2-0), Billy Gay (2-0), Shane Hillis (2-0), Andrew McCaughern (2-1), Darren Hillis (2-0), Paul Henson (2-1) and Warren Craig (2-0). Star player - Andrew McCaughern.

Michelin 8, Fountain Bar 0: Michelin - Alan Penny (2-0), David Armstrong (2-0), Herbie Dunlop (2-0), Bobby Carson (2-0), Matthew Carson (2-1), Norman Kerr (2-0), Brian Hanna (2-0) and Henry Eagleson (2-0). Star player - Alan Penny.

Ballee II 1, Patton’s 7: Ballee - Jordan Waring (2-0); Patton’s - Mervyn Gage (2-0), Chris Campbell (2-1), Tommy McKnight (2-0), Chris McDonald (2-0), Jimmy Finlay (2-0), Jonny McDowell (2-1)and Raymond Henry (2-1). Star Player - Jimmy Finlay.

Cosy Corner 1, Buffs Club 7: Cosy - Stephen Purdon (2-0); Buffs Club - Arthur Kenny (2-0), Graham McCartney (2-0), John Frew (2-0), Isobel Niklas (2-0), Rodney McCartney (2-0), Martin Coulter (2-1) and Sammy Balmer (2-0). Star player - Arthur Kenny.

Postponed: Village Inn v Bowling Club.


Matches this Frida evening, October 16, are:

Division One: Drifters v Floaters; Fountain Arrows v The Coach; Thatch Inn v Spinning Mill; Greenhills free week.

Division Two: Bowling Club v Fountain Bar; Pattons v Ballee I; Buffs Club v Michelin; Village Inn v Wanderers; Ballee II v Cosy Corner.


Any news or competitions in the area, please contact the Secretary by email or phone 07702182328.

The next meeting of the BHDDL will be held on Monday 2nd November @ 8.25 pm.