Better conditions lead to good catches at Craigmore


Some good numbers and fish getting caught over the weekend at Craigmore Fishery.

Jonny McNeill 68 on 3 visits with a few 4+lb and a set of doubles. Dennis McIlroy 13 on shipmans and damsels, Alan Temple 14 on mixed drys 2@4+lb.

Mark Davidson 14 on olive nymphs, Josh Swan 10 on buzzers, Tom Hobson 18 on nymphs 2@4+lb. Andy Mac 10 on drys and buzzers. Jim Magill 14 1@5+lb. James Harper 12 on drys 1@6+Lb.

William Boyd 11 on the weed fly few 4-5lb, Davy Couples 14 on buzzers and damsels 1@6+lb 2@4.8lb. Derek Kennedy 12 on mixed flys, Sandy Doreen 36 on the weed fly 1@7+lb and 5@6lb. Billy Hazalett 22 on mixed drys, Noel Cauldwell 17 on buzzers. John McNeill 17 on buzzers and drys.