Big catches at Craigmore depite weather conditions

Angling. Stock image
Angling. Stock image

Weather conditions were very clammy this weekend at Craigmore Fishery with some strong winds which didn’t stop caenis appearing.

Not ideal for fishing but a lot of big fish getting caught.

Andrew McCarron 16 on suspended buzzers with a few big fish. Garreth Hadden 17 with a few 4+lb on buzzers. Jonny McNeill 53 in a few visits with a couple of double hook ups and with a few 4-5lb.

James Harper 39 on a few visits on drys with 1@12lb, 1@6lb and quite a few 4-5lb. Mark Murray 26 on buzzers 1@5+lb and 5@4-5lb on buzzers and lures.

Young 14yrs old Colm Murray landed 6 with 1@6+lb and 1@7+lb on lures, Maurice Anderson 11 with 2@4+lb. Gary Montgomery 12 on Griffith knats 1@6+lb and 1@4+lb. Tommy Spence netted 11 on olive cdcs, Davy Cupples landed a stack of big fish on two visits he had 27 on olive drys 1@8+lb, 2@7+lb, 2@6+lb, 3@5+lb and 4@4lb.

Tommy McCrubb 10 on mixed flys 1@8+lb. Tommy Warry 11 on damsels and crunchers. Gary Graham 12 on mixed flies, Harry Moffat 12 on buzzers 1@5+lb, William Graham 13 on hares ear 1@6+lb and 2@4+lb.

Pawal Sinicia 16 on buzzers 2@4+lb, Rab McCurry 17 on shipmans 2@4.8lb, Peter Alexander 15 on mixed flys 1@4.8lb. Reggie Bell 10 on lures mostly between 4-6lb with 1@7-8lb. Thomas Curlow 12 on drys.