Bonner and Devenney hit out at ‘sledging’ of Donegal Minor captain

Brendan Devenney
Brendan Devenney

Donegal minor manager and former Donegal star, Brendan Devenney, have both hit out publicly over the abuse directed at Donegal minor captain, Michael Carroll, on Sunday last in the minor championship game between Donegal and Tyrone.

Donegal won the game by 1-11 to 0-8, but it was revealed afterwards that two Tyrone players had directed verbal abuse at the Donegal minor captain, Michael Carroll, during the game.

The Donegal manager, Declan Bonner, described the abuse as “toxic”, while Devenney said that the current use of ‘sledging’ has “turned his stomach.”

It is alleged that Tyrone players taunted Carroll over the death of his father, Francie, which occurred in February of last year

Devenney told the Off The Ball team on Newstalk: ”(Sledging) is festering away and something needs to be done. I heard about it on Sunday evening and it turned my stomach and there were a couple of people close to the action that heard it.

“We’re going down the road of are we allowing this scum element and scum talk?

“There’s a big difference between a bit of banter and slagging and there’s definitely levels of sledging where you give it and take it a bit.

“But now we’re getting to a phase where people are just in people’s ears and properly doing research and goading them.

“I mean, how do these lads even know this information? That’s what kind of scares me.”

Donegal believes that Donegal, Armagh, Tyrone and Monaghan are the worst offenders and urged referees to stamp out the problem by dishing out black cards.