Chappell secures Castle Trophy success in Galgorm Castle event

On the first tee at Galgorm Castle Golf Club for the Castle Trophy event were Wilson McVeigh, George Simpson, Ivan McCappin and Willie Park. INBT 38-909H
On the first tee at Galgorm Castle Golf Club for the Castle Trophy event were Wilson McVeigh, George Simpson, Ivan McCappin and Willie Park. INBT 38-909H

At halfway in the Castle Trophy sponsored Stableford played at Galgorm Castle Golf Club fifteen handicapper Robert Graham was leading Kieran Chappell (10) by three points.

Three points further back came Ciaran Doherty (18) and James Hayburn (17) who in turn were one point ahead of Nicholas Read (17), Brian Mahany (17) and Peter Alexander (16).

The lead changed over the next four holes after Graham ‘dinged’ eleven and thirteen. Chappell took over to lead Doherty by two points with Hayburn another two points behind. Graham came next a further point down along with Mahany.

With two to play Chappell increased his lead to three points from an inspired Graham (three pars). Doherty was another point behind with Hayburn two points further back after a ‘ding’ up the Grove. Read was a point behind Hayburn with Alexander another point away. Mahany fell back after ‘dings’ at fourteen and sixteen. Chappell held on to his lead as he finished par, ‘ding’ to win Overall by two points from Runner-up Graham who finished par, double bogey. Doherty with two bogeys won Division 3 by two points from Read (bogey, par). Hayburn (bogey, double bogey) was another point behind and won the Seniors, leaving Mahany (bogey, par) and Alexander (‘ding’, par) vying for third place. Mahany with a better back six took third place.

There was a close and exciting finish to Division 1 although it didn’t appear likely at halfway. At the turn Stephen Black (6) was one point ahead of Sean McCormick (5). After a gap of five points came Stephen Logan (7) three points ahead of John Rainey (8). Approaching the Devils Elbow Black was still one point ahead of McCormick who was three points ahead of Logan and another three points behind came Rainey. The gaps began to close over the next three holes with Logan and Rainey improving. After a ‘ding’ by Black over Beechers McCormick and Logan took a one point lead over Black with Rainey closing to within two points. In a very close finish McCormick (par, bogey), Logan (par, bogey) and Black (two pars) finished together and with a better back nine Logan took first place with McCormick (better back nine) second and Black third. Rainey (eagle, bogey) finished one point out of the placings.

In Division 2 at halfway Darryl Robinson (12) was one point ahead of Emil Wylie (14) with Kevin McCavera (11) another point behind. Robinson ‘dinged’ eleven and found himself two points behind Wylie and McCavera through thirteen. A par at the next enabled Robinson to join Wylie and McCavera who both ‘dinged’ the hole. McCavera and Wylie went one point ahead of Robinson with two holes to play. McCavera (two pars) forged ahead over the closing holes to win by two points from Wylie (two bogeys) and Robinson (par, bogey) and with a better back nine second place went to Wylie with Robinson third.

Division 4 turned into a close encounter over the back nine. After the front nine Ian Stewart (21) was ahead of John Caulfield (22) and Graham Murray (27) by one point. Through the Maple Murray and Stewart (‘ding’ at the Fort) were vying for the lead one point ahead of Caulfield (‘ding’ at eleven). Up the Grove and on to the Lowlands Stewart had regained the lead by one point over Murray who was three points ahead of Caulfield. Stewart failed to score at seventeen enabling Murray (double bogey) to take a point lead. Caulfield (par) was two points behind the leader. However up eighteen Murray with a double bogey held on to win by one point from Stewart (double bogey) and Caulfield (bogey) who finished level and with a better back six second place went to Caulfield with Stewart third. The Gross Prize was won by Jordan Hood (-1).