Cold spell of weekend weather doesn’t deter Craigmore regulars

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Some bitterly cold spells at Craigmore Fishery over he weekend, but it will help to cool the lake a bit.

Sandy Dorien 35 on the weed fly with a couple 5.8lb. Jonny McNeill 44 on a couple of visits on spiders, drys and buzzers with a set of doubles and a few between 4-5lb. Simon Kinley landed 16 on buzzers 1@4.8lb, Martin McNicholl 11 on buzzers 1@3-4lb.

David Moore 29 on shipmans, cdcs and lures 1@7+lb and 2@4+lb, Thomas Taylor 14 on shipmans 1@5+lb, Davy Couples 10 on drys and buzzers 1@5+lb and 1@4.8lb. Sammy McConaughty 10 on olive buzzers 1@5+lb.

Trevor Finley 16 on dawlbachs 1@8+lb and 3@5+lb. Billy Hazalett 15 on drys 1@4-5lb. Gary Graham 14 on buzzers and lures 1@6lb, 4@4+lb and 2@5+lb.