Craigmore anglers bear brunt of wintry conditions


Snow, sleet and cold temperatures over the weekend reminded anglers at Craigmore Fishery that winter has certainly arrived.

James Harper landed 14 on lures and drys with 2@5+lb and 2@4+lb. Sandy Doreen landed 14 on the weed fly with 1@8.5lb, 3@6.8lb and the rest 3-5lb, Graham Turner 12 on damsels with a few @3+lb. Jason McKay 15 on lures and drys 1@6lb and 2@4-5lb. Jack Ryan 10 on buzzers 2@5+lb and few 3-4lb and a brown trout. Jonny McNeill 8 with 1@5+lb and 1@4+lb, Harry Diven 9 on lures 1@6+lb and 1@4+lb. Billy’s Hazalett 9 on mixed drys 2@4+lb. Jeff Davidson 9 on drys, Tom Turner 7 on damsels 1@5+lb and 1@3.8lb, Joe ONeill 12 on nymphs and lures, John Carson 7 on cats whiskers with 2@5+lb.

David Moore 7 on white lures 1@8.5lb, George Girvan 7 on drys and lures 1@5+lb and 1@4.8lb, Tommy Wharry 1@5+lb, Jim Simpson 2@4+lb. Billy Magill 1@4+lb, Paul Armstrong 1@4-5lb, Jim Magill 2@4+lb. Gary Rock 1@4+lb, Andy MCQuire 1@4+lb, Rab Curry 1@7+lb, John Dixon 1@5+lb. Leslie Wilson 1@4+lb. Ian Ramsey sr 2@4+lb on spiders. Davy Couples 1@4+lb, Tim Doherty 1@6+lb, Larence Long 1@6+lb.

* Also if anyone wishes to attend our Christmas party on Saturday 12th December, they need to drop £21.95 into the fishery ASAP to guarantee their place.

* Fishing vouchers are available at Craigmore Fishery - a great Christmas gift idea for anglers and their families.