Craigmore anglers work around bright conditions

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Soaring temperatures and bright sunshine meant better fishing first thing in the mornings and last thing at night, at Craigmore Fishery.

James Harper having a ball with the dry flys landing 30 on a couple of visits 1@6+lb and 8@4-5lb.

Pawal Sinicia 23 on buzzers and nymphs, Maurice Anderson 21 on buzzers 1@5.8lb, Samuel Anderson 12 on buzzers 2@5+lb and 1@7.8lb, Arron Hawthorn 10 on cdcs, Billy Todd 10 on buzzers 1@4+lb, Joe Williams 10 on daddy long legs 1@5+lb! Mark Williams 15 on the same.

Jonny McNeill 39 on spiders 1@7+lb and 2@4+5lb on a couple of evenings. Davy Couples 10 on drys 1@6+lb! Len Clewer 14 with 1@5+lb! sammy Conaughty 16 on buzzers 1@6.8lb and 2@5+lb! Kieran McClaverty 12 on drys 1@10lb, Clifford McLaughlin 10 on buzzers 1@4.8lb, Bob Johnson 9 on drys 2@6-7lb. Jason Rock 16 on buzzers and drys 1@6lb and 2@4-5lb.

Mark Magee 18 on nymphs and drys 1@8lb and 3@4lb. Mark Goudy 9 1@4-5lb. Other nice fish caught Uel Stewart 1@4+lb on buzzer. Edy Edwards 1@5-6lb and 1@3-4lb, John Dickson 3@5+lb! Robertm Macky 1@4+lb on a suspended buzzer. Harry Graham 1@5+lb!

Hugh Richardson 1@9lb and 2@5lb on drys, David Alison 1@8lb on buzzer, Clifford McLaughlin 1@4.8lb, bIlly Kirk 2@5+lb 1@6 and 2@4lb on haresear, Edmond McAteer 1@4+lb on shuttlecock, Dennis McIlroy 1@4+lb, Jim Simpson 1@4+lb on buzzer!

Colin Reid 1@4+lb! Hugh McCormick 1@4+lb, Wilbert Gracey 1@4+lb! Robert Paul 1@7-8lb and 1@8-9lb on cdcs, Ivan Leecock 1@8lb, Colin Kenny 1@4.8lb.