Craigmore members hope for improvement in weather for ‘all-nighter’


Another week of unsettled thundery weather at Craigmore Fishery, hope this weekend coming is more settled for the all nighter on Saturday night.

Jonny McNeill landing 42 on a couple of visits on apps bloodworm and drys a few 4-5lb and a few 5-6lb. Gary Graham 24 on mixed buzzers and drys 1@7lb and 4@5+lb.

Dennis McIlroy 15 on orange and yellow lures 2@3-4lb. Maurice Anderson 12 on mixed buzzers, Jeff Davidson 11 on brown drys and claret shipmans 1@4-5lb. Billy Hazalett 11 on mixed drys. Jim Magill 13 on shipmans and cdcs 1@7+lb and 1@5+lb, Bily Todd 10 on drys 2@4+lb and 2@3+lb. James Harper 27 on a few evenings with quite a few 4-5lb.

Drew Montgomery 16 on sedge and Griffith knats 1@7+lb and 1@5+lb. Andy McClelland 14 on a secret fly lol 3@5-6lb. John McNeill 17 1@4+lb and 1@6-7lb. John Dixon 10 with 1@8+lb on drys. Jimmy Irvine 11 on damsels 2@4+lb and a few 3+lb. Jenny landed 13 on lures 1@5-6lb. William Kinnard 16 on a couple of visits 2@3-4lb.

Thomas Taylor 12 on shipmans. Craig Murray 9 on mixed flys 1@4+lb and 1@3.8lb, Jim Kennedy 10 on lures and drys.