Craigmore members prepare for annual all-night event


Craigmore Fishery is holding it annual all-night event on Saturday 2nd of July from 8pm to 8am.

Cost is £25 for the nights fishing with a BBQ and refreshments and usually a lot of craic.

Meanwhile, there was some hard fishing over the weekend but what a mixed bag of weather, with some cracking thunder storms and caenis thrown in just to make it even harder.

Still Paul Clarke managed to land 25 on red shipmans with 3@8lb and 4@6lb. Davy Couples 16 on hares ear shipmans with 2@6lb, 1@5+lb 6@3-4lb. David Walker 10 on black and green buzzers. Mike Kerr landed 14 on lures and buzzers including a tagged fish landing him £25 with 1@6+lb and 2@5+lb. Jim Magill 10 on hares ear shipmans 1@7+lb, 1@5+lb, Jason Ogilby 10 on mixed drys 3@3-4lb. Gary Graham 14 on buzzers and lures 1@5+lb, Martin McNicholl 13 on buzzers 1@4.8lb, Alan McDowell 12 on buzzers. John Harkin 13 on mixed flys 1@4+lb. Maurice Anderson 12 on buzzers 2@4+lb. Thomas Taylor 14 on shipmans, Jonny McNeill 23 on a couple of visits 2@4+lb. James Harper 24 with 1@7lb, 1@6+lb, 1@5+lb and 2@4+lb on a couple of visits on drys. Joseph Smith 16 on drys 1@6+lb and 2@4+lb. Michael Wakeland 9 on buzzers and drys 1@5.8lb. Ricky Stewart 14 on drys 1@5lb and 1@6-7lb. Craig Murray 8 on pheasant tail nymphs 1@6-7lb.