Cullybackey HPS annual open show this Saturday

Ballymena & District judge Ken Wilkinson (right) with Eye-sign class winner Len Russell. Submitted picture.
Ballymena & District judge Ken Wilkinson (right) with Eye-sign class winner Len Russell. Submitted picture.

The big show dates keep coming for fanciers in the Mid-Antrim are, with Cullybackey HPS hosting their annual show this Saturday.

Next up is Kells & District’s show on Boxing Day followed by the New Year’s Day show organised by Ballymena & District.

Latest show results are:


NIPA Committee man Ken Wilkinson from Antrim was the latest judge he had the task of placing cards in the annual eye-sign show. Visitor Len Russell from Cullybackey the pre-show favourite did not disappoint taking most cards, winner of both classes and Best in Show.

The Annual Open Show will be held in the Clubrooms at Fountain Place on New Year’s Day Thursday 1st January open to Sect B Clubs only due to lack of space. Penning will be 11.00am until 1.00pm, any queries contact Willy Gilbert. Old Bird Eye-sign (62 Birds) – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Reserve, VHC, HC & Commended Russell Bros, 4th W & N Gilbert. Young Bird Eye-sign (42 Birds) – 1st, 2nd, 4th, Russell Bros, 3rd W & N Gilbert, Reserve, VHC, HC & Commended B Herbison. Raffle won by Ken Wilkinson.


Mated Pairs – 1st & 2nd Surgenor Bros, 3rd, 4th & Reserve A Barkley & Son, VHC & Commended B Swann & Son, HC Scott & Clements. Judges B Blair & C McManus (Ballymena) and L Mullen (Harryville). Eyesign – 1st & Commended Gregg Bros, 2nd, 3rd, Reserve, VHC & HC A Barkley & Son, 4th T Shanks & Son. Fancy – 1st, 3rd & Reserve A Barkley & Son, 2nd, VHC & HC Surgenor Bros, 4th Scott & Clements, Commended T Shanks & Son. Judges W & W Gilbert (Randalstown). Alan Barkley & Son won the Show Cup.


Old Pairs – 1st, 4th & HC Blair & Rankin, 2nd T McFall, 3rd C Moore, Reserve & VHC M/M Robinson, Commended R Lowry. Judge Harry McCloy (Cullybackey). Late Breds – 1st R Lowry, 2nd, 4th, Reserve & VHC C Moore, 3rd W Livingstone, HC & Commended M/M Robinson. Judge Sammy Steele (Cullybackey).


Old Bird Eye-sign – 1st Russell Bros, 2nd & HC B Herbison, 3rd A Darragh, 4th & VHC Cochrane Bros, Reserve N & S Anderson, Commended J & J Greer. Young Bird Eye-sign – 1st Gibson & Dickey, 2nd & 4th A Darragh, 3rd, Reserve & VHC N & S Anderson, HC Russell Bros, Commended Cochrane Bros. Judges Alan Shanks & Henry Turkington (Kells). Russell Bros won Best in Show. The Annual Open Show is this Saturday 20th December, 3 in 1 with penning from 10.00am until 1.00pm. Prize presentation at 5.00pm.