Dazzlers left dazed after crushing defeat by Inbetweeners

Diamond Dazzlers who played Minnesota  at Minnesota. L-R, Robert Artt, Malcolm Graffin, Chris Gordon, Brendan O'Mullan, Brendan Graffin. INBT 47-170CS
Diamond Dazzlers who played Minnesota at Minnesota. L-R, Robert Artt, Malcolm Graffin, Chris Gordon, Brendan O'Mullan, Brendan Graffin. INBT 47-170CS

Diamond Dazzlers’ encouraging start to the Ballymena Towers Pool League campaign came to a crashing halt last week.

Dazzlers, who were one of four teams within a point of the lead, suffered a crushing 6-0 defeat at the hands of Inbetweeners in the Minnesota clubrooms.

In the meeting of top versus bottom, leaders Michelin Masters, as expected, proved too strong for Moat Mad Dogs but the Harryville side did have the consolation of claiming their first point of the season in a 1-5 defeat.

Fairhill Hustlers 1-5 The Coach: The Coach travelled out to Ahoghill and they got a great result.

In the first game Darren Gilmore came from behind to win 2-1 against Glenn Mairs and Cliff Allison made it 2-0 for the Coach when he also came from behind to defeat Richard Campbell 2-1. In the third game David Carlisle had a 2-1 victory over George McCulloughto make the score 3-0 for the Coach and when David Gillespie won in straight frames against Justin Kilpatrick he made the match score 4-0.

In game five Robert Graham pulled one back for the Fairhill with a straight frames win over Frazer Young. In the final game Jimmy Gillespie wrapped it all up with a win over Ritchie Irwin by a 2-0 scoreline to make the final match score 5-1 for the Coach Bar. POM - Jimmy Gillespie

Diamond Duffers 3-3 Fairhill Dreamers: The Diamond raced into a 2-0 lead through Ryan McCarroll and Steven Douglas who both had wins in straight frames over Ricky Allen and Kenny Allen.

In game three the Dreamers pulled one back through Gary Allen who defeated Steven Anderson by a 2-1 scoreline. In game four Matthew Peacock restored the two game advantage for the Diamond when he beat Nigel McMaster in straight frames.

In the fifth game the Dreamers pulled another one back when Ian Dewar beat Ryan McGerr also in straight frames to leave the match score at 3-2 to the Diamond.

In the final game Mark McClellandlost the first frame to Jason Olgilvy but he fought back to win the remaining two frames for a victory and to secure a draw for his team and the final match score of 3-3. POM - Mark McClelland

Moat Mad Dogs 1-5 Michelin Masters: The leaders travelled into the town to take on the Moat and got off to a flying start by winning the first three games there winners being Jimmy Knowles, David Armstrong and Chris Penny who defeated Ricky Moore, Richard Bamber and Sheree Agnew all in straight frames.

In game four the Moat pulled one back through Allen Agnew who defeated Rick McMaster by a 2-1 scoreline to make the score 3-1 for the Michelin Masters.

After this setback Michelin then won the last two games through Alan Armstrong and Brian Hanna who defeated William Wilson and Adele Rutherford in straight frames to make the final score of 5-1 for the Michelin Masters. POM - Allen Agnew.

Social Club 1-5 The Mighty Moat: The Mighty Moat went to the home of the Social Club and had a good victory, in the first game Steven Magill defeated May Barr by a 2-0 scoreline and Daniel Magill doubled the score for the Moat when he beat Eddie Fleck 2-1 after losing the first frame.

In game three Dean Robinson increased the lead when he beat John Fleck in straight frames for a 3-0 lead for the Mighty Moat. In game four the Social Club pulled a game back when Albert McBride defeated Colin Taylor by a 2-0 scoreline.

In game five David Nicholl restored the three game lead when he beat Marc McMullan in straight frames, David had an eight-ball clearance in the first game.

In the final game Alan Rainey made the final score 5-1 to the Moat when he defeated Ross Hill by a 2-0 scoreline. POM - David Nicholl.

The Inbetweeners 6-0 Diamond Dazzlers: Lee Wright defeated Malcolm Graffin in straight frames to get the home team off to a good start.

In game two Robert Artt won the first frame but Phil Houston fought back to win 2-1. In game three Gary Ormandy had a win in straight frames over Brendan Graffin to make the match score 3-0 for the Inbetweeners. Brian Hannaway made it 4-0 for the home team when he defeated Chris Gordon by a 2-1 scoreline.

In game five Gareth Rowe had a win in straight frames over Brendan O’Mullan and in the last game Dessie Cooper beat Ian Boal 2-1 to make the final match score of 6-0 for the Inbetweeners. POM - Lee Wright

The match between The Meatballs and the Towers Tavern was postponed and will be played at a later date.