Dixon again tops in Mid-Antrim in final young bird race of year

Allister Purvis (left) and George Connolly who had the winning birds in Ballymena & Dist from Rosscarbery and Skibbereen.
Allister Purvis (left) and George Connolly who had the winning birds in Ballymena & Dist from Rosscarbery and Skibbereen.

The final race of the young bird season was the INFC Inland YB Nat flown as usual from Skibbereen.

Not best spot for weather conditions at this time of the year and the race marking was in fact delayed until Friday with liberation on Sunday 21st September at 10.30am. On the weather front it turned out a great day, and the race was perfect as well.

Best in Mid Antrim was Danny Dixon recording velocity 1388 and was to equal the record of 8 x 1sts in a season. His Blue Pied hen was timed at 16.04hrs flying 266 miles into Dunloy, a direct daughter of “Dixie Chick” the lofts Penzance YB Nat winner. Ken Wilkinson & Son from New Antrim were next best and had three good birds.

Mid Antrim Skibbereen YB Nat – D Dixon Rasharkin 1388, K Wilkinson & Son New Antrim 1353, K Wilkinson & Son 1316, Connolly & Purvis Ballymena 1312, K Wilkinson & Son 1303, D Dixon 1295, D Dixon 1290, J W Reynolds Ballymena 1285, D Dixon 1281, T Johnston & Son Harryville 1279, Connolly & Purvis 1266, Blair & Rankin Ballymena 1233, M/M M Sempey Ballymena 1225, D Dixon 1218, J W Reynolds 1212, M/M M Sempey 1208, D Dixon 1205, D Dixon 1202, W Jackson Harryville 1186, D Dixon 1168, T Johnston & Son 1165, B O’Rawe Ballymena 1150, B O’Rawe 1087, J W Reynolds 1086, J W Reynolds 1067, Connolly & Purvis 1046, B O’Rawe 964.

Ballymena & District 6/35 – Connolly & Purvis 1312, J W Reynolds 1285, Connolly & Purvis 1266, Blair & Rankin 1233, M/M M Sempey 1225, J W Reynolds 1212, M/M M Sempey 1208, B O’Rawe 1150, 1087, J W Reynolds 1086. Two Nat wins on the trot for the new team of Connolly & Purvis, the winner from Skibbereen was timed at 16.20hrs.

Harryville HPS – T Johnston & Son 1279, W Jackson 1186, T Johnston & Son 1165. Trevor Johnston & Son flying to Doury Road had best bird in Harryville timed at 16.29hrs flying 261 miles.

Mid Antrim Combine Rosscarbery YB Nat 46/325 – D Dixon Rasharkin 1345, D Dixon 1344, D Dixon 1334, D Dixon 1334, A Darragh Cullybackey 1321, Stewart Bros Randalstown 1318, Connolly & Purvis Ballymena 1318, J Rock Harryville 1315, D Dixon 1309, J Rock 1307,

Ballymena & District HPS 10/70 – Connolly & Purvis 1318, 1281, Blair & Rankin 1260, J Harris 1254, McFall & McManus 1246, Connolly & Purvis 1245, J W Reynolds 1212, McFall & McManus 1195, Blair & Rankin 1181, J W Reynolds 1179. Connolly & Purvis had a good 1st & 2nd with the winner timed at 17.41hrs flying 255 miles ahead of Blair & Rankin, James Harris and McFall & McManus. Thanks to Brian O’Rawe who arranged sponsorship for this race through JS Food Ltd Poultry Wholesalers (Randalstown).


Claims for the following awards should be made to the MAC Secretary George McDowell on or before Saturday 4th October, all cups and trophies to be returned as well.

Old Bird Inland Average, Cross Channel Average, Old Bird Ave, Eagleson Memorial Cup best average Talbenny, Bude, Thuro and Penzance, Old Bird of the Year, Young Bird Ave, New North Cup best average Bude & Talbenny YB, Combine Average, Young Bird of the Year.