Drifters complete season with perfect record


This week the Ballymena, Harryville and District Darts League saw the end of competitive darts for the season.

Drifters claimed the 5 a side crown, to finish the year with a 100% record. They claimed every title going, winning every single game possible. Well done to all involved. Results and fixtures this week were;

Best Individuals this week were 14 Geoff Matthews, 15s John Elder, Ashley Rainey, 18s Paddy Coyles, Lex Gilmour, Ashley Rainey, Chris McDonald, John Elder, David Martin, 19 Geoff Matthews, 20 Geoff Wylie, 21s Geoff Matthews, Bryan Logan, Andy Martin and Steven Eaton

Finishes: 146 Ashley Rainey, 142 Lex Gilmour, 130 David Martin (all The Coach) and 106 Geoff Wylie

180 Club: Geoff Matthews (Drifters).


A total of 15 teams gathered on Friday night making 75 players in this seasons’ final competition.

There were many close games, with several Division 2 teams competing well against Division 1 counterparts. The highlight being Pattons’ impressive win over The Bulls.

First round: Floaters 5, Village Inn 0; Drifters 5, Thatch Inn 0; Greenhills 5, Fountain Arrows 1; Mixups 5, Ballee II 2; Ballee I 3, The Coach 5; Cosy Corner 3, Fountain Bar 6; Pattons 6, Wanderers 2; Bye - The Bulls,

Quarter-finals: Floaters 0, Drifters 5; Greenhills 5, Mixups 4; The Coach 5, Fountain Bar 0; Pattons 5, The Bulls 2.

Semi-finals: Drifters 5, Greenhills 3; The Coach 5, Pattons 0.

Final - Drifters 5, The Coach 1: In a reversal of their semi final, The Coach had chances in several games to make it a tight contest, but the experience of the Drifters brought them through to claim a “clean sweep” in the BHDDL this season. The Coach winner was Ashley Rainey. The Drifters winners were John Elder, David McFall, Geoff Wylie x2 and Geoff Matthews.


Reps Challenge, this year open to any player wishing to attend, takes place this Friday, May 13. Be registered in The Coach Bar by 8:30pm

A friendly match between Ballymenas 2 county teams to raise money for the All-Ireland championships on Fri 20th May at 8pm in the Coach Bar.