Drifters continue their ominous early-season form


Drifters cruised to their second straight 8-0 victory to mainatin their 100 per cent record after two rounds of fixtures in the Ballymen, Harryville & District Darts League.

The Diamond, Spinning Mill and Slemish Tavern also registered good wins in their quest for silverware this season.

Geoff Matthews and Clifford Marcus threw 15-dart legs in the best individual performances of the week, followed by: 16s Rodney McAleese, John Robinson, 17s Ryan Gault, Evan Greer, 18s George Aiken, Andy Martin, Clifford Marcus, 19s Ian Rainey, John Elder, Andy Martin, Josh McCrory, 20s Jerome Carson, James Kennedy, Geoff Matthews, John Greer, Willie Wright, Ben Gilmore, 21s Paul Rock, Brian Hanna, Claire Marshall.

Michelin player Marcus also had the best finsih of the week with a 116 checkout, closely followed by

112 Arthur Kenny (Buffs Club), 94 Ian Rainey (The Diamond) and 82 Darren Purdy (Buffs Club).

Rodney McAleese (The Diamond), James Kennedy (Fountain Arrows), Geoff Matthews, Andy Martin (Drifters) and Clifford Marcus (Michelin) all hit 180s.


The Diamond 8, Clough Rangers 0: The Diamond began their league campaign with a resounding victory over a new look Clough team. Well done Ian Rainey (2-1), Ashley Rainey (2-0), Rodney McAleese (2-0), Davy Martin (2-0), Ryan Gault (2-0), John Robinson (2-0), Steven Eaton (2-1) and Denis Gault (2-0). Star player – John Robinson.

Staffers 2, Fountain Arrows 6: Fountain Arrows secured an important win against last season’s Division 2 champions, in a match which could have gone either way with 5 games ending 2-1. Well done Rodney Thompson (2-0) and Stevie Hamer (2-0) with Staffers points. Arrows had wins from James Kennedy (2-1), Sammy Turnbull (2-1), Daniel Thompson (2-1), Ken Herbison (2-0), Robert Beggs (2-1) and Davy McFall (2-1). Star player - James Kennedy.

BT/PO 0, Drifters 8: Drifters continue to impress with their second successive 8-0 win, losing only 1 leg. Well done John Elder (2-0), Brian Cathcart (2-0), Geoff Wylie (2-1), Geoff Matthews (2-0), Andy Martin (2-0), Darnell McCrory (2-0), Geoff McIlveen (2-0) and David McFall (2-0). Star player – Geoff Matthews.


Fountain Bar 3, Spinning Mill 5: A game which at 3-3; could have gone any way. Well done Sammy Greer (2-0), Willie Russell (2-1) and Frank McDowell (2-1) gaining 3 points for Fountain. Spinning Mill gain their second 5-3 win thanks to Stewart McClelland (2-1), Evan Greer (2-0), John Greer (2-0), Chris Greer (2-0) and Danny Balmer (2-0). Star player - Evan Greer.

Wanderers 3, Slemish Tavern 5: Wanderers raced into a 3-0, but Slemish showed their class to seal the win. Wanderers’ wins came from John Bamber (2-0), Willy Wright (2-1) and Alan Craig (2-1). Slemish Tavern gained the victory thanks to Rab Lynn (2-1), Paul Rock (2-0), Roy Gilchrist (2-0), Jimmy Moorhead (2-0) and Ian Millar (2-0). Star player - Paul Rock.

Cosy Corner 3, Michelin 5: Cosy Corner gained 3 valuable points thanks to wins from Ricky Carlin (2-1), Kate Lynn (2-0) and Claire Marshall (2-0). Michelin sealed their 5 points courtesy of victories for Herbie Dunlop (2-0), Norman Kerr (2-0), Brian Hanna (2-0), David Armstrong (2-1) and Clifford Marcus (2-0). Star player - Clifford Marcus.

Towers Tavern 5, Buffs Club 3: Towers Tavern gained their first win after returning to the league, well done Connor White (2-1), Stefan Armstrong (2-0), Alvin Wilkinson (2-1), Leon McDowell (2-1) and Josh McCrory (2-1). Buffs wins came from Arthur Kenny (2-0), Martin Coulter (2-0) and Thomas Purdy (2-0). Star player – Josh McCrory.