Drifters open up gap by winning top of table clash

Floaters pulled themselves away from the foot of the Division One table with a good win on Friday night. INBT 39-178CS
Floaters pulled themselves away from the foot of the Division One table with a good win on Friday night. INBT 39-178CS

Friday night produced another impressive standard in the Ballymena, Harryville & District Darts League with no fewer than nine 180s hit.

Drifters won the top-of-the-table showdwon with Greenhills to open up a gap at the top of Division One.

Ryan Gault produced the best individual performance of the week with a 15-dart leg, followed by: 16s Andy Martin, Ashley Rainey, 17s Darren Clifford x2, David Martin, Ben Gilmore, 18s Geoff Wylie, Dean Kerr, Geoff Matthews, Paul Rock, Ben Gilmore, 19s Paddy Coyles, John Elder, Andy Martin, Ryan Gault, 20s John Elder, Geoff Matthews, Alan Bamford, Alistair Agnew, Ashley Rainey, 21s Paddy Coyles, Lex Gilmore, Dean Balmer, Herbie Dunlop, Bobby Carson.

Rab Lynn (Thatch) had the best finish with a 124 checkout, followed by a 111 from Geoff Wylie (Drifters).

John Elder, Geoff Matthews (both Drifters), Dean Kerr, Alistair Agnew (both Greenhills), Ian Millar (Thatch Inn), Ryan Gault, David Martin (both The Coach), Stephen Purdon (Cosy Corner) and Herbie Dunlop (Michelin) all hit 180s.


Drifters 5, Greenhills 3: Drifters claimed a good victory, triumphing from 2-0 down. Greenhills winners this week were Paddy Coyles (2-1), Dean Kerr (2-0) and Alistair Agnew (2-0). Drifters wins this week came from John Elder (2-0), Darren Clifford (2-0), Geoff Matthews (2-0), Andy Martin (2-0), and Alan Bamford (2-0). Star player - Andy Martin.

Thatch Inn 3, The Coach 5: Thatch Inn made The Coach sweat pulling back from 2-0 behind to level at 3-3 before succumbing. Their winners this week were Rab Lynn (2-1), Paul Rock (2-1) and Ian Millar (2-0). The Coach gained the victory thanks to wins from Daniel Thompson (2-1), Ashley Rainey (2-0), Ian Rainey (2-1), Ryan Gault (2-0) and David Martin (2-0). Star player - Ryan Gault.

Floaters 7, Fountain Arrows 1: Floaters secured a strong victory to push themselves away from the bottom of the table. Well done Robert Beggs (2-0), helping Fountain Arrows avoid a whitewash. Floaters winners this week were Noel Craig (2-0), Dean Balmer (2-1), Glenn Gilmore (2-0), Willie Wright (2-0), Ben Gilmore (2-0), John Stewart (2-0) and Gary Gilmore (2-0). Star player – Ben Gilmore.


Patton’s 7, Cosy Corner 1: Pattons continue to impress this season with a strong victory over Cosy Corner; their 2nd 7-1 win in a row. Well done Stephen Purdon (2-0), preventing a whitewash. Pattons had wins this week from Mervyn Gage (2-0), Kieran McGaughey (2-0), Tom McKnight (2-0), Hugh McFadden (2-0), Chris McDonald (2-0), Jimmy Finlay (2-0) and Johnny McDowell (2-1). Star player - Stephen Purdon.

Village Inn 6, Buffs Club 2: Fountain Bar claimed a hard fought win over Buffs Club from 2-2 thanks to wins from Alvin Wilkinson (2-0), David McFall (2-0), Trevor McFall (2-1), Daryl Reid (2-0), James McKeown (2-0) and Gareth Logan (2-0). Buffs Club had wins from John Frew (2-0) and Martin Coulter (2-0). Star player - Martin Coulter.

Wanderers 3, Michelin 5: Michelin leapfrog Wanderers in the table thanks to this strong victory. Wanderers had wins this week from Jerome Carson (2-0), Joe Balmer (2-0) and Alistair Craig (2-0). Michelin claimed the win thanks to Alan Penny (2-0), Norman Kerr (2-0), Herbie Dunlop (2-0), Sammy Dunlop (2-0) and Bobby Carson (2-1). Star player - Herbie Dunlop.

Fountain Bar 4, Ballee II 4: Ballee II continue to pick up points, having been 4-1 behind they will be thrilled. Fountain Bar wins came from Ian Cushenan (2-0), Sammy Greer (2-0), Jack Russell (2-0) and James Greer (2-0). Ballee II claimed the win thanks to Paul Bell (2-1), Josh Macrory (2-0), Kyle Jackson (2-1) and Donna Service (2-1). Star man - Alan Mills.